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  1. A device for dating natural events in game animals Kabat, Cyril
  2. Pheasant weights and wing molt in relation to reproduction with survival implications Kabat, Cyril
  3. Improved rations and feeding procedures for pheasants Stanz, Harry Edward, 1928-
  4. Food habit studies of ruffed grouse, pheasant, quail and mink in Wisconsin Stollberg, Bruce P.
  5. Experimental level ditching for muskrat management Mathiak, Harold A.
  6. Wisconsin fox populations Richards, Stephen H.
  7. Some winter habits of white-tailed deer and the development of census methods in the flag yard of northern Wisconsin Kabat, Cyril
  8. Muskrat growth and litter production Dorney, Robert S., -1987
  9. Sex and age criteria for Wisconsin ruffed grouse Hale, James B.
  10. Role of refuges in muskrat management Mathiak, Harold A.
  11. Evaluation of stocking of breeder hen and immature cock pheasants on Wisconsin public hunting grounds Kabat, Cyril
  12. Studies on level ditching for marsh management Mathiak, Harold A.
  13. Seasonal variation in stress resistance and survival in the hen pheasant Kabat, Cyril
  14. The white-tailed deer in Wisconsin Dahlberg, Burton L.
  15. A guide to prairie chicken management Hamerstrom, Frederick
  16. An evaluation of artificial mallard propagation in Wisconsin Hunt, Richard A. (Richard Allen), 1926-
  17. Pond culture of muskellunge in Wisconsin Johnson, Leon D.
  18. Relationship of ruffed grouse to forest cover types in Wisconsin Dorney, Robert S., -1987
  19. The hemlock borer ; The European pine shoot moth and its relation to pines in Wisconsin Hussain, Ali
  20. Relation of weather, parasitic disease and hunting to Wisconsin ruffed grouse populations Dorney, Robert S., -1987
  21. Forest insect surveys within specified areas Shenefelt, Roy D.
  22. The state park visitor : a report of the Wisconsin park and forest travel study Hutchins, Heriot Clifton
  23. Basal area and point-sampling : interpretation and application Hovind, H. James
  24. Licensed shooting preserves in Wisconsin Burger, George V. (George Vanderkarr), 1927-
  25. Relationship of beaver to forests, trout and wildlife in Wisconsin Knudsen, George J.
  26. Effects of angling regulations on a wild brook trout fishery Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  27. Fifty years from seed : the Star Lake plantation Wilson, F. G. (Fred G.)
  28. An evaluation of pheasant stocking through the day-old-chick program in Wisconsin Besadny, C. D. (Carroll D.)
  29. Muskrat pelt patterns and primeness Linde, Arlyn F.
  30. Wisconsin quail 1834-1962 : population dynamics and habitat management Kabat, Cyril
  31. Evaluation of liberalized regulations on largemouth bass, Browns Lake, Wisconsin Mraz, Donald
  32. Characteristics of the sport fishery in some northern Wisconsin lakes Churchill, Warren Solyom, 1915-
  33. Duck and coot ecology and management in Wisconsin Jahn, Laurence R.
  34. Population ecology and management of Wisconsin pheasants Wagner, Frederic H.
  35. Production and angler harvest of wild brook trout in Lawrence Creek, Wisconsin Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  36. Muskrat population studies at Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin Mathiak, Harold A.
  37. Life history of the grass pickerel (Esox americanus vermiculatus) in southeastern Wisconsin Kleinert, Stanton J.
  38. Canada goose breeding populations in Wisconsin Hunt, Richard A. (Richard Allen), 1926-
  39. Guidelines for management of trout stream habitat in Wisconsin White, Ray J. (Ray Jonathan)
  40. Recruitment, growth, exploitation and management of walleyes in a southeastern Wisconsin lake Mraz, Donald
  41. Occurrence and significance of DDT and Dieldrin residues in Wisconsin fish Kleinert, Stanton J.
  42. Food of angler-caught northern pike in Murphy Flowage Johnson, Leon D.
  43. The Lake Winnebago sauger : age, growth, reproduction, food habits and early life history Priegel, Gordon R.
  44. Significance of forest openings to deer in northern Wisconsin McCaffery, Keith R.
  45. Reproduction and early life history of the walleye in the Lake Winnebago region Priegel, Gordon R.
  46. Inland lake dredging evaluation Pierce, Ned D.
  47. Evaluation of intensive freshwater drum removal in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, 1955-1966 Priegel, Gordon R.
  48. Responses of a brook trout population to habitat development in Lawrence Creek Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  49. Growth of known-age muskellunge in Wisconsin and validation of age and growth determination methods Johnson, Leon D.
  50. Harvest and feeding habits of largemouth bass in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin Snow, Howard E.
  51. A guideline for portable direct current electrofishing systems Novotny, D. W.
  52. Mercury levels in Wisconsin fish and wildlife Kleinert, Stanton J.
  53. Chemical analyses of selected public drinking water supplies (including trace metals) Baumeister, Robert
  54. Aquatic insects of the Pine-Popple River, Wisconsin Hilsenhoff, William LeRoy, 1929-
  55. Recreation areas and their use : an evaluation of Wisconsin's public and private campgrounds, swimming beaches, picnic areas and boat accesses Cohee, Melville H.
  56. A ten-year study of native northern pike in Bucks Lake, Wisconsin Snow, Howard E.
  57. Biology and control of aquatic nuisances in recreational waters Lueschow, Lloyd A.
  58. Nitrate and nitrite variation in ground water Crabtree, Koby T.
  59. Small area population projections for Wisconsin King, Douglas B.
  60. A profile of Wisconsin hunters Klessig, Lowell L.
  61. Overwinter drawdown : impact on the aquatic vegetation in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin Beard, Thomas D.
  62. Eutrophication control : nutrient inactivation by chemical precipitation at Horseshoe Lake, Wisconsin Peterson, James Oliver, 1937-
  63. Drain oil disposal in Wisconsin Ostrander, Ronald O.
  64. The prairie chicken in Wisconsin : highlights of a 22-year study of counts, behavior, movements, turnover and habitat Hamerstrom, Frederick
  65. Production, food and harvest of trout in Nebish Lake, Wisconsin Brynildson, Oscar M. (Oscar Marius), 1916-
  66. Dilutional pumping at Snake Lake, Wisconsin : a potential renewal technique for small eutrophic lakes Born, Stephen M.
  67. Lake sturgeon management on the Menominee River Priegel, Gordon R.
  68. Breeding duck populations and habitat in Wisconsin March, James R.
  69. An experimental introduction of coho salmon into a landlocked lake in northern Wisconsin Avery, Eddie L.
  70. Gray partridge ecology in southeast-central Wisconsin Gates, John M. (John Manley), 1933-1974
  71. Restoring the recreational potential of small impoundments : the Marion Millpond experience Born, Stephen M.
  72. Mortality of radio-tagged pheasants on the Waterloo Wildlife Area Dumke, Robert T.
  73. Electrofishing boats : improved designs and operational guidelines to increase the effectiveness of boom shockers Novotny, D. W.
  74. Surveys of toxic metals in Wisconsin Konrad, John G.
  75. Survey of lake rehabilitation techniques and experiences : an inland lake renewal and management demonstration project report Dunst, Russell C.
  76. Seasonal movement, winter habitat use, and population distribution of an east central Wisconsin pheasant population Gates, John M. (John Manley), 1933-1974
  77. Mechanical and habitat manipulation for aquatic plant management : a review of techniques Nichols, Stanley A.
  78. Hydrogeologic evaluation of solid waste disposal in south central Wisconsin Zaporožec, Alexander
  79. Effects of stocking northern pike in Murphy Flowage Snow, Howard E.
  80. Impact of state land ownership on local economy in Wisconsin Cohee, Melville H.
  81. Influence of organic pollution on the density and production of trout in a Wisconsin stream Brynildson, Oscar M. (Oscar Marius), 1916-
  82. Annual production by brook trout in Lawrence Creek during eleven successive years Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  83. Lake sturgeon harvest, growth, and recruitment in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin Priegel, Gordon R.
  84. Estimate of abundance, harvest, and exploitation of the fish population of Escanaba Lake, Wisconsin, 1946-69 Kempinger, James J.
  85. Reproduction of an east central Wisconsin pheasant population Gates, John M. (John Manley), 1933-1974
  86. Characteristics of a northern pike spawning population Priegel, Gordon R.
  87. Aeration as a lake management technique Smith, S. A.
  88. Guidelines for the application of wastewater sludge to agricultural land in Wisconsin Keeney, Dennis R.
  89. Aquatic insects of Wisconsin : generic keys and notes on biology, ecology and distribution Hilsenhoff, William LeRoy, 1929-
  90. The presettlement vegetation of Columbia County, Wisconsin in the 1830's Tans, William
  91. Wisconsin's participation in the river basin commissions Oghalai, Rahim
  92. Endangered and threatened vascular plants in Wisconsin Read, Robert H.
  93. Population and biomass estimates of fishes in Lake Wingra Churchill, Warren Solyom, 1915-
  94. Cattail : the significance of its growth, phenology and carbohydrate storage to its control and management Linde, Arlyn F.
  95. Recreational use of small streams in Wisconsin Kalnicky, Richard A.
  96. Northern pike production in managed spawning and rearing marshes Fago, Don
  97. Water quality effects of potential urban best management practices : a literature review Oberts, Gary L.
  98. Effects of hydraulic dredging on the ecology of native trout populations in Wisconsin spring ponds Carline, Robert F.
  99. Effects of destratification and aeration of a lake on the distribution of planktonic crustacea, yellow perch, and trout Brynildson, Oscar M. (Oscar Marius), 1916-
  100. Use of arthropods to evaluate water quality of streams Hilsenhoff, William LeRoy, 1929-
  101. Impact upon local property taxes of acquisitions within the St. Croix River State Forest in Burnett and Polk counties Rosner, Monroe H.
  102. Wisconsin scientific areas 1977 : preserving native diversity Germain, Clifford E.
  103. A 15-year study of the harvest, exploitation, and mortality of fishes in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin Snow, Howard E.
  104. Changes in population density, growth, and harvest of northern pike in Escanaba Lake after implementation of a 22-inch size limit Kempinger, James J.
  105. Population dynamics, predator-prey relationships and management of the red fox in Wisconsin Pils, Charles M.
  106. Mallard population and harvest dynamics in Wisconsin March, James R.
  107. Lake sturgeon populations, growth, and exploitation in lakes Poygan, Winneconne, and Lake Butte des Morts, Wisconsin Priegel, Gordon R.
  108. Brood characteristics and summer habitats of ruffed grouse in central Wisconsin Kubisiak, John F.
  109. Seston characterization of major Wisconsin rivers (slime survey) Ball, Joseph R.
  110. The influence of chemical reclamation on a small brown trout stream in southwestern Wisconsin Avery, Eddie L.
  111. Ecology of great horned owls and red-tailed hawks in southeastern Wisconsin Petersen, LeRoy R.
  112. Control and management of cattails in southeastern Wisconsin wetlands Beule, John D.
  113. Movement and behavior of the muskellunge determined by radio-telemetry Dombeck, Michael P.
  114. Evaluating the accuracy of biochemical oxygen demand and suspended solids analyses performed by Wisconsin laboratories Weber, Susan
  115. Removal of woody streambank vegetation to improve trout habitat Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  116. Characteristics of scattered wetlands in relation to duck production in southeastern Wisconsin Wheeler, William E.
  117. Management of roadside vegetative cover by selective control of undesirable vegetation Rusch, Alan J.
  118. Ruffed grouse density and habitat relationships in Wisconsin Kubisiak, John F.
  119. A successful application of catch and release regulations on a Wisconsin trout stream Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  120. Forest opening construction and impacts in northern Wisconsin McCaffery, Keith R.
  121. Population dynamics of wild brown trout and associated sport fisheries in four central Wisconsin streams Avery, Eddie L.
  122. Leopard frog populations and mortality in Wisconsin, 1974-76 Hine, Ruth L., 1923-
  123. An evaluation of Wisconsin ruffed grouse surveys Thompson, Donald R.
  124. A survey of unionid mussels in the upper Mississippi River (pools 3-11) Thiel, Pamella A.
  125. Harvest, age structure, survivorship, and productivity of red foxes in Wisconsin, 1975-78 Pils, Charles M.
  126. Artificial nesting structures for the double-crested cormorant Meier, Thomas I.
  127. Population dynamics of young-of-the-year bluegill Beard, Thomas D.
  128. Habitat development for bobwhite quail on private lands in Wisconsin Dumke, Robert T.
  129. Status and management of black bears in Wisconsin Kohn, Bruce E. (Bruce Erick)
  130. Spawning and early life history of yellow perch in the Lake Winnebago system Weber, John J.
  131. Hypothetical effects of fishing regulations in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin Snow, Howard E.
  132. Using a biotic index to evaluate water quality in streams Hilsenhoff, William LeRoy, 1929-
  133. Alternative methods of estimating pollutant loads in flowing water Baun, Ken
  134. Movement of carp in the Lake Winnebago system determined by radio telemetry Otis, Keith J.
  135. Evaluation of waterfowl production areas in Wisconsin Petersen, LeRoy R.
  136. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : I. Greater Rock River basin Fago, Don
  137. A bibliography of beaver, trout, wildlife, and forest relationships : with special references to beaver and trout Avery, Eddie L.
  138. Limnological characteristics of Wisconsin lakes Lillie, Richard A. (Richard Allan), 1946-
  139. A survey of the mussel densities in pool 10 of the Upper Mississippi River Duncan, Randall E.
  140. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : II. Black, Trempealeau, and Buffalo River Basins Fago, Don
  141. Population dynamics of wild trout and associated sport fisheries in two northern Wisconsin streams Avery, Eddie L.
  142. Assessment of a daily limit of two trout on the sport fishery at McGee Lake, Wisconsin Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  143. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : III. Red Cedar River basin Fago, Don
  144. Population ecology of woodcock in Wisconsin Gregg, Larry
  145. Duck breeding ecology and harvest characteristics on Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area Wheeler, William E.
  146. Impacts of a floodwater-retarding structure on year class strength and production by wild brown trout in a Wisconsin coulee stream Brynildson, Oscar M. (Oscar Marius), 1916-
  147. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : IV. Root, Milwaukee, Des Plaines, and Fox River basins Fago, Don
  148. An 8-inch length limit on smallmouth bass : effects on the sport fisheries and populations of smallmouth bass and yellow perch in Nebish Lake, Wisconsin Serns, Steven L.
  149. Food habits of adult yellow perch and smallmouth bass in Nebish Lake, Wisconsin : with special reference to zooplankton density and compostion Serns, Steven L.
  150. Aquatic organisms in acidic environments : a literature review Eilers, Joseph M.
  151. Ruffed grouse habitat relationships in aspen and oak forests of central Wisconsin Kubisiak, John F.
  152. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : V. Grant and Platte, Coon and Bad Axe, and La Crosse River basins Fago, Don
  153. Impact of phosphorus reduction via metalimnetic alum injection in Bullhead Lake, Wisconsin Narf, Richard P.
  154. Sexual maturity and fecundity of brown trout in central and northern Wisconsin streams Avery, Eddie L.
  155. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : VI. Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Twin River Basins Fago, Don
  156. Aquatic community interactions of submerged macrophytes : phytoplankton, zooplankton, macrophytes, fishes, bentos Engel, Sandy
  157. An evaluation of beach nourishment on the Lake Superior shore Mason, John W., 1934-
  158. Distribution and movement of Canada geese in response to management changes in east central Wisconsin, 1975-81 Craven, Scott R.
  159. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : VII. St. Croix River Basin Fago, Don
  160. Population dynamics of stocked adult muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) in Lac Court Oreilles, Wisconsin : 1961-1977 Lyons, John (John D.)
  161. Fish species assemblages in southwestern Wisconsin streams with implications for smallmouth bass management Lyons, John (John D.)
  162. A compendium of 45 trout stream habitat development evaluations in Wisconsin during 1953-1985 Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  163. Mercury levels in walleyes from Wisconsin lakes of different water and sediment chemistry characteristics Lathrop, Richard C.
  164. Water quality and restoration of the lower Oconto River, Oconto County, Wisconsin Rost, Richard A.
  165. Population dynamics of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui) in the Galena (Fever) River and one of its tributaries Forbes, Anne M.
  166. Bibliography of fishery investigations on large salmonid river systems : with special emphasis on the Bois Brule River, Douglas County, Wisconsin DuBois, Robert B.
  167. Wisconsin recreation survey, 1986 Penaloza, Linda J.
  168. A postglacial vegetational history of Sauk County and Caledonia Township, Columbia County, south central Wisconsin Lange, Kenneth I.
  169. A review of fisheries habitat improvement projects in warmwater streams, with recommendations for Wisconsin Lyons, John (John D.)
  170. Ecosystem responses to growth and control of submerged macrophytes : a literature review Engel, Sandy
  171. The sport fishery for, and selected population characteristics of, smallmouth bass in Pallette Lake, Wisconsin, 1958-1984 Hoff, Michael H.
  172. Restoration of canvasback migrational staging habitat in Wisconsin : a research plan with implications for shallow lake management Kahl, Richard B.
  173. Evaluation of a catch and release fishery for brown trout regulated by an unprotected slot length Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  174. Boating pressure on Wisconsin's lakes and rivers : results of the 1989-1990 Wisconsin recreational boating study, phase 1 Penaloza, Linda J.
  175. Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Wisconsin : VIII. Summary report Fago, Don
  176. Electric fencing for duck and pheasant production in Wisconsin Gatti, Ronald C.
  177. Population biology and management of the walleye in western Lake Superior Schram, Stephen T.
  178. A survey of the aquatic insects of the lower Wisconsin River, 1985-1986, with notes on distribution and habitat Lillie, Richard A. (Richard Allan), 1946-
  179. Evaluation of trout habitat improvement structures in three high-gradient streams in Wisconsin Hunt, Robert L. (Robert Leroy), 1933-
  180. Boater attitudes and experiences : results of the 1989-1990 Wisconsin recreational boating study, phase 2 Penaloza, Linda J.
  181. The fishery of the Yahara lakes Lathrop, Richard C.
  182. Aquatic macrophyte ecology in the upper Winnebago pool lakes, Wisconsin Kahl, Richard B.
  183. The fisher in Wisconsin Kohn, Bruce E. (Bruce Erick)
  184. Chemical and biotic characteristics of two low-alkalinity lakes in northern Wisconsin : relation to atmospheric deposition Webster, Katherine E.
  185. Aquatic insects of the Bois Brule River system, Wisconsin DuBois, Robert B.
  186. Restoring Rice Lake at Milltown, Wisconsin Engel, Sandy
  187. Bibliography of fire effects and related literature applicable to the ecosystems and species of Wisconsin Henderson, Richard A.
  188. Plant species composition of Wisconsin prairies Henderson, Richard A.
  189. Integrating forest and ruffed grouse management : a case study at the Stone Lake area McCaffery, Keith R.
  190. Flora of Sauk County and Caledonia Township, Columbia County, south central Wisconsin Lange, Kenneth I.
  191. Atlas of the Wisconsin prairie and savanna flora Cochrane, Theodore S.
  192. Checklist of the vascular plants of Wisconsin Wetter, Mark Allen
  193. The effects of Project WILD on fourth grade students in Wisconsin : results of a statewide study, 1989-90 Gilchrist, Susan Cantrell
  194. Duck production and harvest in St. Croix and Polk counties, Wisconsin Evrard, James O.

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