Atlas of the Wisconsin prairie and savanna flora

  • 2000
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • This Atlas of the Wisconsin prairie and savanna flora treats most of the native vascular plants of Wisconsin grasslands and savannas from the standpoint of floristics and phytogeography. Included are 341 species and 73 additional subspecies, varieties, and hybrids (discussed and mapped) as well as 103 species and 50 infraspecific taxa and hybrids (discussed and casually mentioned). Part I discusses the physical geography and climate of Wisconsin; the composition of its prairie, barrens, and savanna communities; and the history of its flora. Part II consists of 354 dot maps showing the exact distributions of the taxa as based on herbarium specimins, each accompanied by a statement describing the plant's habitats, abundance, and overall distribution. One of the practical uses of this work is to help guide ecologists and conservationists in the planning of prairie restorations.