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i* & Gae                           Little Rk, A   no 
Wichita                            November 2,195. 
         Th  tolln   notes a  the result of our trip on 
  teWiahits, 18   l,"U 1925: 
                        A Kbe1     the li d tR am rea-r. 
  Thee res no reogied hisq  es ng deeoped 
        reavation of wild life species. 
        ( r.tion     srlus Zr stok FI   other  rpes 
          ~b~io o~reatior& 
        Pablis  *tion (in the sanse of seeini wild Afe4 
Not yet rteog eu&d or 4-eoelope 
        Iblio etation (in the sense of stuyin ee 
                        preeistix w,L life int  a - virgi 
                        *)i  m mt) . 
        i            ahistories an  G    e 
        m'.tr~ ademaonstrations In w±14lfa r me 
        Artistic and historiol studies Rutd de3)'.trations. 
     (3)Prioriies  Boaaase of th, smll size of the Forest 
and the abec     o~e  mountain areas, there is soedne 
of dovelopin  reeratie'. at the ~expne of other eervtoeai 
         It seems to m tbit trie best Lnumrav agsinst 
this is to develop these other services. 
         'Wile it mybe too early to set down pri~orities 
  eub ashotels, eottages, refreshmet sta$.a, and4 praotio- 
aU1y llother umse i'.volivi bvildims or pro tracted 
   ir~vidalteanuro of. a  a sort  dould reminr entirely ox. 
     (C) ftli  Muw    ion the broader sense, is being 
unetae onsmhrwfftoa             aks In toe form of+ 
   insrutor o 'ntur  Guides", eat In the form of musebas 
to faaili ttt. rat interpret field. obeervati ons, The se 
guits and smes   are merly th physioal m'.lfestatio'.s 
of a grwing *anvietin that the par~    are primarily *du- 
eaioa   Intitutions ra   her '.m merely pleaue grunts. 
?be httona  Forets nee a uimilar shift of emphasis, and 
on no htio.o  Forest is this more clearly call~t for 
than. on the Wielitta. 

         The W±iaeta will event74ally need both intnw_- 
tors ad a.      , mt theme should be mrelj the physieal 
mifttio       of & c hang In our whole Ido ef vr oatin. 
The       of t i  asng Is hord to d ef Ine on paper. It 
means that w wL -'I meaure oi  rereational service not so 
meh in    ber of people that visit the Forest. as in 
kinds of xperieser offered tlam on the Forest.      It mn, 
es*ýailr  on the WIoItj, a clarer rogonition tVet +le 
r     st a natiOnl prperty.  The localized use while 
losiW   othding in iiportaneo, must not -holly detemirw 
tki pattern of our raeatifnol plen. 
         This srt   um. eannot hope to deTelop the de- 
ta- ile pplications of the rmuinendt oange, but the fol.- 
1oin       stions w  Ill-utte sme of tkme: 
     (1) The educational v1a of the g       mibt be in- 
oree e b7 hv1i     nIerds of antelope arun      bffalo, in 
actition to those in smller posturos. This might eIso 
help solve some of the preent antelope troubles, 
     (Z) I r-old a4.iis. against through h1ghwrys and even the 
a.teo   extension of   b ras.   I would rather see the 
*wntual establihment o  a horse liveri Eevoe then an 
xtenve netork of motor roads.       W   wt remeber tRt the 
public orn see all tie mirisle we- hve in rny goA    zoo, but 
to see tten in their natml environment they ust      om  to 
piaoes like the Iita. Motor rod        tea, to take the 
flavor ut of tet aivironlnt. 
    (D) ReerohIn Lf Riatre 4a i.;oloav         'It is naa- 
tg how liteI     nr                     l~ft7-1e ies of grz. 
         About the role of wild life in the *oolos y of the 
forest, we knew even les. Yet we ennot masn.e either gme. 
forest, or forage without m*c kx.owle~ee 
         The WioAhita obviously presents ezoep$iomal oppor- 
   tuitn for sud* st-adiea, and ean eontribite e*normounlj 
"lixauol. ftets t oetygm      mmg~wt cant scieneo 
In geea   If thse oppotuitie   are uti lized. 
         The proposed  8*legeel astdies need notL in fset 
oat, be snfinoA t game.        They mut cover the flora 
and fauna as a whole, as welUa    all the fastors affeating 
theml su* as fire and gr~zW