Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-3 : County, State and Foreign Files

          To facilitate ecological stuAs, the introduction 
of ezotios should be carefully avoided, except insofar as 
my be necessar to cult ivate exotic foot plants for the 
x    managment stwiea suggested in the net eaption. 
          For tis   ereaomn it in iportant to atvit tha 
.xteraimati   of predatrs, but there  n    anger of this 
as yet. 
          A superficil emination of the files revealed 
no pant tought or aetiivi  en this k   of reseah, ex- 
*opt with respect to the parasitic and other diseases of 
gae animls and a few of the elementary facts of life 
history suh as len, rate of reprofttion, gstation, 
ant duration of rep rotuctive power* 
          The  iole ies1 Surey issues a leaflet (now out 
of print) listin pointsihr the study of life histories 
of -e   animals. This woul be a pd baes to stat from 
in outining life history stiudies for the Wichita., 
          In addition, I am attaching the insoaplete out-. 
lines for antelope, turky, blaaktail deer, ani mountain 
*shep *dieh I amuuing *r a prposed book en pine manag- 
mant in the Southms;V,4' These are personal property ant it 
is "    8rested that pendin  publication of the bookg, they be 
used only within the Forest Service for Servioe purposes, 
          I am sl   attaching a private mimeogph "n- 
forationt needed about Southwestern Game", wh4ic  my sug 
gest some points on life histories. 
          o illutstrate wat remains to be found out about 
life historis and nwne     t of American game species, I 
woult sgest the Library acure "Das Rotwil.L by S. Von 
bscfelt, publish*& by Urlag    uhadug       rlPry 
Berlin, 1899. This in in German, bt even the illustrations 
are an "eye-opener". 
          As to an outlin& of ecological s~tuies, I am not 
competent to make tetailed sugesion   becaue of unafamili- 
arity with the region. Some eaples of the role of pame 
in fbrest ecology are given in Clapp'sa report, now in prepar. 
atiox, on Ameicnim Forest Researc, ant Adams' "Heolog. sal 
Cenditions in National Forests sand Z~ks" issued by the 
*"Southwestern Game Fiels" by .Leopold, Pettit, and Ligon. 

Roosevelt Wild Life Forest Exprimat Station. 
          The question o f#g, agenlces, and. organization 
for rearh or* discssed later* 
     (s)         a ontrtio         In         nt. What I 
          On of te mst potent 1Id.a in AricanGam 
bingeuent i   te planti ng of gme foods ad cover plants 
as an aid to the productivi~ty of game rares end to the 
attracti veness of reugs   Outside of PennsylvanaI ant a 
tew dc   olubs, hwever, the idea ha not been tri ed out. 
A reliatble techniqu obviously depend on actual try-outs, 
at& pu~blic education by dmetrtions in infinitely easier 
and qickr than by exhrtation. 
          The Wiehita presents at least three splenMi 
ehances for applying this idea, nmely: 
     (1) Reatori q Prairie Chicken by planti ng grain patches 
         ( estozng quail by pleating grain patches 
       (3)anreasing value of the forest as a ?Luk and goose 
           refe by planting water plars na grain. 
           Gdan ant Riley hsve uged the first two and 
   Sakin the third. I heartily endorse all of them. I 
aee with Shanlin that pain patdes vi    l 1 lse help 
sprea and holdth~e turkey anM deer, 
          The advie of MaeAtOO of the Bioalgial Surey 
should gern in the matter of water plants for 0aek 
and           sN      s e ay be neoessary to get to gose 
          The Supervisor's existing 1* mnvtrat1 on in smll 
   tid eeding ant housing is admirab1e. 
          In adition to    me mnagement demonstration., i 
       suges  tmostatonpltsin rag  mangemnt, erosion 
 conrol  an ~*    oto     s" well an an arboetdum an& a 
 ntural garen of nttve herbs, srbs and gease8sush an 
 Dr. ag   establi t ed at Grand Canyon. 
          There a" infinite pss1bilitioe in the   things. 
f     wol rad Amrican    for intan, has heard of buffalo 
pawso but how few reeoginize it on eightl Power still 
are thoee vho know the intensely interestin fasts about 
Its plas* in range ecology, pest and priesent All these 
things can be maeA the s-ubeet of visual instriwtioa on the 
Wiei *tt.