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421 Chemistry Rvilding' 
                                             Novembe 9, 192%. 
Capt. Charles Azknse, 
Ames. Oklahora. 
Dear Mr. AskiMnt 
          I am gla  to hear from you again and I remember veo well 
ou previous corrspondene   about a forest servie position for 
your boy. I am glad that he has made up his mind to take foretry. 
My sugestlio  would be that as amens toward 9xsr wor     which will 
fill his entire vaatlon season, he uma  application nw to 
District Forester, ?. C. W. Pooler at Al         or Allen S. Pac 
at Denver, rferring tVhe to Mr. Hornby of the 7lathoad National 
Forest for a rtiV of his work. Sboul    there be any opportunity 
for him to call on these man in perso, it would of course, hel 
a g4t ddeal. You, of course, have a mob stroeer pas now than 
you hd wen we first corresponded abut this beause you have a 
forest servce man as refefan. Even so, the way to clinch this 
kind of a thing Is to appear In person. 
          If you bump into any sns that I can help you around, 
be sure and all on me. 
          When I get around to Oklahom I shall lean heavily on 
you for advice on. local game conditions. You might be interested 
In the enclosed 5 Quzestiosns which are a rather popular statcment 
of the kind of dope I am after. With kindest regards, 
                                Yours since rely, 
                                ALDO   OO$ 
hoclosuret 25 questions- 

                           A r1% COMWIYNED 
                        Outdoor Life 
                          OUTDOOR 41 RECREATION 
                             1824 CURTIS STREET 
                             DENVER. COLO. 
JOHN A. McGUIRE                                         CAPT. CHAS ASKINS

   PUBLISHER                                              SHOT GUN EDITOR

                                   Ames, Okla. Nov. 5/?R. 
          Ar Aldo Leopold, 
          421 Chemistry Buildlng, 
          Aadison, Wis. 
          Oear rIt Leopold: 
                           I wrote Mr Mc~uire for zour add.ress- He says

          that you are no longer in the Forestry ept" 'ut I 
          think you will know a 0ood deal about it at that- 
                    I wrote you a couple of years afro about a 
          job with the Forestry 6ervice for my son- Since then he 
          had worked twoy years in Montana under Mr Fornry of 
          the Flathead National Forest- H1e likes the work and has 
          made good at every job on which he has been placedand 
          can go back there when he gets ready or when work 
          opens in the spirng. However, he has found that the 
          forestri-y season in Montana is very shortand for this 
          reason would like to transfer to some forest farther 
          Southin Arizona or New Mexico. This would Prive bim, 
          perhaps, a longer season in which to workanrd. the 
          expense of running out and back would be less. 
                       If you will write to Mr. Hornby, Superwisor, 
          you will find that his record is "ood. He is 21 
          years oldtfinished high school, one year in collere, 
          and expects to attend a Forestry school and to mraduate in 
          Forestyy, making that his profession. He would attend 
          school between seasons.,preferablypif that is possible, 
          in the state in which he is employed. 
                      I'll be under oblijation for what you may be 
          able to do for him, or even for Tood advice- 
                         Hope you like your new job and are enjoyviTp 
                                   Chas* Askins. 
                                   Ames, Okla-