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  1. [Title Page]
  2. To the pioneers of Green County
  3. Preface
  4. Table of contents
  5. Certificates of Green County
  6. Chapter I: History of Wisconsin: chapter I: pre-historic and settlement
  7. Chapter II: Wisconsin as a territory
  8. Chapter III: Wisconsin as a state
  9. History of Green County, Wisconsin: Chapter I: area, position and surface features
  10. Chapter II: Wisconsin as a state
  11. Chapter III: Aborigines of Green County
  12. Chapter IV: First settlement of the county
  13. Chapter V: The Black Hawk War
  14. Chapter VI: United States land surveys
  15. Chapter VII: Pioneer life
  16. Chapter VIII: Pioneer reminiscences
  17. Chapter IX: First things
  18. Chapter X: Green County formed and organized - locating the county seat
  19. Chapter XI: Territorial, state and congressional representation
  20. Chapter XII: The courts of Green County
  21. Chapter XIII: Common schools of the county
  22. Chapter XIV: The bar - past and present
  23. Chapter XV: Railroads of Green County
  24. Chapter XVI: Agriculture and the agricultural society
  25. Chapter XVII: The medical profession
  26. Chapter XVIII: The county board - past and present
  27. Chapter XIX: Election statistics
  28. Chapter XX: The war for the Union
  29. Chapter XXI: County officers past and present
  30. Chapter XXII: Miscellaneous events
  31. Chapter XXIII: County buildings and poor farms
  32. Chapter XXIV: Literature - science - art
  33. Chapter XXV: The newspaper press of Green County
  34. Chapter XXVI: The Swiss colony of New Glarus
  35. Chapter XXVII: Town of Adams
  36. Chapter XXVIII: Town and village of Albany
  37. Chapter XXIX: Town of Brooklyn
  38. Chapter XXX: Town of Cadiz
  39. Chapter XXXI: Town of Clarno
  40. Chapter XXXII: Town of Decatur
  41. Chapter XXXIII: Village of Brodhead
  42. Chapter XXXIV: Town of Exeter
  43. Chapter XXXV: Town of Jefferson
  44. Chapter XXXVI: Town of Jordan
  45. Chapter XXXVII: Town of Monroe
  46. Chapter XXXVIII: City of Monroe
  47. Chapter XXXIX: Town of Mount Pleasant
  48. Chapter XL: Town of New Glarus
  49. Chapter XLI: Town of Spring Grove
  50. Chapter XLII: Town of Sylvester
  51. Chapter XLIII: Town of Washington
  52. Chapter XLIV: Town of York