Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

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WrCLA#)n     of AmrC, o1w-1xa* 'Mworial. Bldg., 
  31 orVth3tate Stret, O'Amaoa' 2, Illinois; 0Oa2rl 
Shcizi-kar, N~ational 1.71ld11fe Fedmr,-Aion, 3303 
                             Yquxru sliizt0rey, 
Aldo Leopold 

Towns End Farm, 
West Chester, Pa, 
FebruarY 16, 1948 
To the Members of the Conservation Advisory Committee 
National Council of State Garden Clubs 
D: Aido. Leopold, 
University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
Dear Dr.Leopold; 
      You have seen the Program of suggested projects for 
Garden Clubs for 1947-48, to be carried out through state 
and local cooperation, We have had interesting reactions 
to the Program and believe that the 5000 clubs which com- 
prise our membership are working on it.   Of course it 
goes without saying that we expect all of them to continue 
with such projects as Ghey have under way and certainly to 
work constantly towards boil Conservation and the estab- 
lishment of Conservation Wo-rkshops for Teachers, our two 
main suggestions. 
      However, it would seem wise not to entirely neglect 
some of the other phases of Conservation such as our 
Forests, National Parks, etc, A new Program will be pre- 
sented at the Annual Meeting of National Council to be 
held at Lexington, Kentucky, during the last week in ilay, 
and it is not too soon to begin to formulate that program. 
Would you be good enough to send me, as soon as convenient, 
such suggestions as you may have as to how the Garden Clubs 
can help most, and any comments that occur to you on our 
work. As you undoubtedly know, it is difficult to push work 
on a National level and your great experience in kinds of 
work, methods, etc. would be of great value to us. 
      Hoping to hear from you in the near future, 
                  Very si _ceres 
                  (Mrs. E. Page Allinson) 
                     Conservation Chairman