Visual display of the Burger twins at YMS-111 launching

Burger twins at YMS-111 launching

  • July 25, 1942
  • Wearing identical summer dresses and carrying large bouquets of roses, twins Charlotte and Shirley Burger stand with other well-dressed women on a christening platform stand at the Burger Boat Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Behind them, wooden minesweeper "YMS-111" is partially visible. This photograph was taken July 25, 1942 at the launching of "YMS-111", which was one of 43 vessels built for the Navy and Army by Burger Boat Company during World War II. Shirley Burger, on the right, christened the minesweeper when it was launched. Ten days earlier, on July 16, her twin sister Charlotte had christened another Burger minesweeper, the YMS-110. Penciled notes on the back of the photograph identify most of the people pictured. Left to right starting with the woman wearing a light colored dress and white gloves: Mrs. George Burger, Doris Burger, Mrs. Walter Burger, Mrs. Irene Weaver, Mrs. Henry Burger, Charlotte Burger, Shirley Burger, unknown.