Food and the war; a textbook for college classes, prepared under the direction of the Collegiate section of the United States Food administration with the cooperation of the Department of agriculture and the Bureau of education

  • ca. 1918
Boston, New York [etc.]: Houghton Mifflin Company

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ca. 1918
Boston, New York [etc.]: Houghton Mifflin Company
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5 p. l., 379 p. : 2 maps (incl. front.) ; 20 cm.
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Frontispiece] Trade routes to Europe
  3. [Title Page]
  4. Foreword
  5. Contents
  6. Part I: Food and the war
  7. Chapter I: Introduction to the world food situation
  8. Chapter II: The composition and functions of food
  9. Chapter III: The fuel value of food
  10. Chapter IV: The body's fuel requirements
  11. Chapter V: Protein -- its source and importance in the diet
  12. Chapter VI: The meat situation
  13. Chapter VII: Protein-rich foods used in place of meat
  14. Chapter VIII: Fats and oils -- their value and use
  15. Chapter IX: The importance of wheat
  16. Chapter X: Flour and bread -- the wheat substitutes
  17. Chapter XI: Sugar
  18. Chapter XII: The value of milk
  19. Chapter XIII: Vegetables and fruits
  20. Chapter XIV: Suggestions for an adequate diet -- the diet of infants and children
  21. Chapter XV: Food and the community
  22. Chapter XVI: The work for food conservation
  23. Part II: A laboratory manual of food selection, preparation and conservation
  24. Introductory statement
  25. Section I: Food consumption and food values
  26. Section II: Principles of cooking
  27. Section III: Preparation and use of protein foods
  28. Section IV: Preparation and use of vegetables and fruits
  29. Section V: Preparation and use of cereal products
  30. Section VI: Adequate diet
  31. Section VII: Preservation of food by canning
  32. Section VIII: Demonstrations
  33. Index
  34. [Cover]