DARE Interview : Cairo, Georgia; Primary Informant GA039

  • 1968
  • Informant Data:
  • GA039: White; male; age: 55 (middle-aged); education: college; community type: village
  • Media File:
  • Full Interview (Tape 0312-S1).
  • Content:
  • 00:35 Begins to deliver slide show and lecture he usually gives farmers. Spray to prepare land to plant okra, spacing plants, best soil
  • 07:30 Wilt and rootworm come together but can be controlled. Recognizing and treating chemical deficiencies
  • 12:30 Refertilizing, danger of corn herbicides. Use of mechanical harvester unnecessary, but more comfortable
  • 16:35 Seed field, peak okra production. Signs on plant of pod production, nitrogen deficiency
  • 21:45 Size of a good pod, healthy plant
  • 24:00 Company sells seeds (at cost), recommends best ways to improve crop. Research is learning much about how to improve farming
  • 29:45 Tape end
  1. Full interview


Rentschler, Sally
  • 1968
  • Dictionary of American Regional English
  • English
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