Brecht in Asia and Africa , 14

  • 1989
[Hong Kong?: Univ. of Hong Kong]
  • Abstracts in English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • Includes bibliographical references.

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Other title
Brecht in Asien und Afrika
Fuegi, John
[Hong Kong?: Univ. of Hong Kong]
English, German
Brecht yearbook ; 14
Description of Original
iii. 209 pages ; ill. ; 23 cm
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. [Contents]
  4. [Introduction]
  5. A brief account of Brechtian reception in China
  6. Greetings from Japan to the International Brecht Society
  7. The context of change in East Asian theatre
  8. Brecht and the paradigm change
  9. Brecht is at home in Asia: a report on the IBS symposium in Hong Kong, December 1986
  10. Brecht and the current transformation of the theatre in China
  11. Brecht's drama and the modern Chinese stage
  12. Brecht and the Chinese theater in the Eighties
  13. Paradigmenwechsel - auch in China: neue Chancen für Brecht auch auf chinesischen Bühnen?
  14. Characteristics of narration: Brecht and Pingtan
  15. Die Brecht-Rezeption in Japan aus dem Aspekt der Theaterpraxis
  16. Brecht in Pakistan
  17. Brecht in Hindi: the poetics of response
  18. Brecht's relevance: a Thai perspective
  19. Brecht and the Philippines: anticipating freedom in theater
  20. First world industry and third world workers - the struggle for a workers' theater in South Africa
  21. Wasn't Brecht an African writer?: Parallels with contemporary Nigerian drama
  22. Book reviews
  23. Werner Zimmermann. Bertolt Brecht: Leben des Galilei. Dramatik der Widersprüche
  24. Dana B. Polan. The political language of film and the avant-garde
  25. John Willett. Caspar Neher: Brecht's designer
  26. Werner Hecht (ed.). Brechts Theorie des Theaters
  27. Klaus-Detlef Müller (ed.). Bertolt Brecht: Epoche-Werk-Wirkung
  28. Peter Whitaker. Brecht's poetry: a critical study; Marion Furhmann. Hollywood und Buckow: Politisch-ästhetische Strukturen in den Elegien Brechts; Bertolt Brechts Buckower Elegien
  29. Books received
  30. [Cover]