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56.- Raiei Peer an4 Othe 7re 
1nm,s In thre United States. 
By David Lantz4 1910. 
11                         as        t as       eo 
13              Fl   (wn weighs 100-25#; fressees 6-80. 
21    ID        has been croused with Virgia    ad other deer". 
2f Elk          Horne reac  full size in 90 da.s. 
26              Goetctin 24-6     day   (aveag   4 m.) 
Cos bood whw S or 4 years ol. 
1 t elk In a   t kiled rvembw      1867, Elk QoPew, 
£ year old buck In prserve weighd      604 
2 yofr old doe in preser~e 28h# (skin 28#V. 
34              YSis1 (Ozrk) says bull, weigh 700-1000; 
A^W   ?   AA-An 
leaves but not r   iot of tunips. 
swet potatoes. 
"Knwnbut one do. to have fawns bef ore 2 yrs. old." 
Goodigh  (Tx*)"Der   ill not eat ordinary grass 
if they c   help It, but will eat wil rye a 
othr -soft passe. 
44             Rosebrr     "4e reovern7 from this disee (blaek 
h a           fo           attack. 
46             Hybrids: J4 W, f~ig     of Gooell, In., encl Chas. 
Gooniphtof  oodigt, Tex., hybridized mule eMn 
Virgniedee byarbtrary aucosure of pairs 
Sfertile but variable in 
Rut: Gesttion 205-22 days (about 7 mos.) 
47             Feed4  "Tee individuals of the Arys            of 
white-tvled 4eer(       oif                      ) 
taken at Aifferent                    reep 
leaves of the little blue live-oak             isea) 
with some fl 
and green le 
aspen, and a 
grass or acorns." 

Digest of 
"Forestry vs. Game Cover" 
Otto Schierbeck - Canadian Field-Naturalist, Vol. XLV, No. 2 
(Feb. 1911) pp. 28-30 
Reindeer Moss. After destroyed by fire does not come back for 30-40 
years. Fires in Nova Scotia 30-40 years ago. "Those forest fires des-

troyed the reindeer-moss and today, as a consequence, the caribou have 
disappeared. The reindeer-moss is now coming back but I doubt if the 
caribou will follow it." 
Moss killed out by forest reproduction--evidently second stage 
after fire; forest the third.' 
Ground Hemlock.  (Taxus canadensis). In Nova Scotia found only under 
hemlock. 'The cutting of the hemlock stands will cause the ground hem- 
lock to disappear as it can only exist under the shade of older trees. 
I have noted the disappearance or diminution of the deer stand--where old

hemlock stands have been cut." 
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Chapter on Food and Cover Control (Text)