Geitz, Henry
Madison, Wisconsin: Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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xii, 270 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

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  4. [Introduction]
  5. Early German printing in America's southeast: possible sites and probable causes
  6. The response of the Hessian press to American advice to the immigrants from Kurhesse (1832-1866)
  7. Jacob Schnee, first printer of Lebanon (Pa.)
  8. Anticlericalism, atheism, and socialism in German St. Louis, 1850-1853: Heinrich Börnstein and Franz Schmidt
  9. Dr. G. Blöde vs. far west: the philosophical debate in Christian Essellen's Atlantis
  10. Religious music/secular music: the press of the German-American church and aesthetic mediation
  11. Masthead iconography as Rezeptionsvorgabe: producing Die Abendschule's family of readers
  12. "Das Dreikaiserjahr" in the German-American press of Buffalo, New York
  13. The Kalender/Jahrbuch of the Neubraunfelser Zeitung
  14. The German press of New Orleans, 1839-1909
  15. The newspapers Pfälzer in Amerika and Hessische Blätter in World War I
  16. Two German-American papers as "communication satellites." Die Dakota Freie Presse and Die Welt-Post preserved the identities of the Germans from Russia
  17. Approaches to English in some Indiana German newspapers
  18. The German-language press in the debate over the ratification of the Constitution 1787/88
  19. The transformation of the German-American newspaper press, 1848-1860
  20. Political patronage of the German-American press in antebellum Wisconsin: a case study in political assimilation
  21. The German book trade in America to World War I
  22. The German-American press today: patterns of communication in an ethnic group
  23. [Cover]