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DARE Interview : Gifford, Florida; Primary Informant FL052

  • 1970
Dictionary of American Regional English
  • Informant Data:
  • FL052: Black; male; age: 28 (young); education: college; community type: village
  • Media Files:
  • Full Interview (Tape 0288-S1).
  • [Transcription available]
  • Content:
  • 00:15 Integration of local school system, reactions of both races. Incident where a Black girl was suspended for supposedly cutting a White girl's hair. No real evidence, either
  • 05:45 Reactions to above incident, long speeches and bad blood. No Black principals in system
  • 09:30 One pre-integration Black principal reduced to a truant officer. Problems with mismanagement of Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
  • 14:10 Staff of OEO, good secretaries and teachers but lazy, unprofessional administrators
  • 18:30 Informant likes music, goes to bars a lot to hear bands. Met Otis Redding once in Miami
  • 22:30 Majored in political science in college, likes Kennedy, Humphrey, Johnson. Stories of teacher who had very abusive/joking style
  • 27:00 What above teacher used to say. Had fun in college, had to get used to weather and terrain—could get around without a cane despite his blindness
  • 31:20 Tape end
  1. Full Interview

  2. Transcript