DARE Interview : Key West, Florida; Primary Informant FL040

  • 1966
  • Informant Data:
  • FL040: White; female; age: 67 (old); education: high school; community type: small city
  • Media Files:
  • Arthur the Rat. Speaker: FL040 (4:57)
  • Full Interview (Tape 0275-S1).
  • Content:
  • 00:40 Arthur the Rat
  • 05:50 "Conchs" as a nickname for locals. She thinks the name comes from Bahamas
  • 11:00 Buying conchs off the boat; how to remove the shell, cook them various ways
  • 16:10 Ways to prepare turtle, conch chowder
  • 20:00 Good restaurants in town, city expanding to cover island. Old train line converted to a road after 1932 hurricane
  • 24:30 Removal of original road to island in favor of one on train bridges. Shipping whole railroad cars on ferry to Cuba
  • 28:05 House blowing over in 1909 hurricane. Is fine now
  • 31:30 Tape end
  1. Arthur the rat

  2. Full interview


Porter, Ruth
  • 1966
  • Dictionary of American Regional English
  • English
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