The war garden victorious, by Charles Lathrop Pack ...

  • 1919
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: J. P. Lippincott Company

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: J. P. Lippincott Company
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xiv p., 1 l., 179 p., 1 l., 32, 32 p. : incl. col. front., illus., plates (part col.) ; 24 cm
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. [Dedication]
  4. [Contents]
  5. Color plates
  6. Illustrations
  7. Chapter I: How the National War Garden Commission came into being
  8. Chapter II: The story of the war garden
  9. Chapter III: How war gardens helped
  10. Chapter IV:Types of war gardens
  11. Chapter V: Uncle Sam's first war garden
  12. Chapter VI: How big business helped
  13. Chapter VII:How the railroads helped
  14. Chapter VIII: The army of school gardeners
  15. Chapter IX: Community gardening
  16. Chapter X: Cooperation in gardening
  17. Chapter XI: War gardens as city assets
  18. Chapter XII: The part played by daylight saving
  19. Chapter XIII: The future of war gardening
  20. Chapter XIV:Conserving the garden surplus
  21. Chapter XV: Community conservation
  22. Chapter XVI: Conservation by drying
  23. Chapter XVII:Why we should use dried foods
  24. Chapter XVIII: The future of dehydration
  25. Chapter XIX: Cooperation of the press
  26. Appendix
  27. [Cover]