Visual display of the NG153, Figures under Arches

NG153, Figures under Arches

  • ca. 100-ca. 299
  • Fragment of a flat frieze defined above by a band with a dentil pattern, a pair of moldings, a cornice of bordered ogival leaf and dart and a plain fillet at the very top. Two arches, carinated at the exterior and rounded interior remain, with those unbroken having volutes from which pendants carved with a grape pattern hang. The remains of artificial beams can be seen inside the arch on the left. Doorframes under the arches are carved with a wavy tendril. The figure on the right looks to his left and wears the topknot of an ascetic. The figure to his right holds his right to his head and wears the short garb typical of a young ascetic or brahmacārin. Three Gandhāran-Persepolitan pillars, two partial and one complete remain in this fragment. A nail hole next to the arch on the right. The bottom of the relief is quite broken and the topside is flat.
  • Location found: Level 2, Shrine III N

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ca. 100-ca. 299
Description of Original
Greenish Stone, 9 5/8" x 11 1/2" x 2 1/2"
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