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Book of type specimens : comprising a large variety of superior copper- mixed types, rules, borders, galleys, printing presses, electric-welded chases paper, and card cutters, wood goods, bookbinding machinery etc., together with vaulable information to the craft. Specimen book no. 9

  • 1907
Chicago: Barnhart Bros. & Spindler

Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. To the trade
  4. An historical sketch
  5. Point-line, point-set, point body, lining system
  6. General information
  7. Synopsis of body type
  8. Roman body and job type
  9. Old style body and job faces
  10. Modern body and job faces
  11. Circular, text and script faces
  12. German body and job faces
  13. Ornaments and borders
  14. Brass rule, plain and fancy rule in strips, labor-saving rule, column rules, head rules, cross rules, plain and fancy brass corners, ovals, circles, diamonds, dashes, braces cutting and scoring rules, etc.
  15. Miscellaneous, date lines, sub-heads, newspaper heads, news cuts, society emblems, vogue ornaments, wood rules, wood type
  16. Illustrated catalog and price list of printing material machinery and supplies
  17. Telegraph code
  18. Index to superior copper-mixed type, ornaments, borders and brass rule
  19. Index of presses, printing material, etc.
  20. [Cover]