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The city and country builder's and workman's treasury of designs, or, The art of drawing and working the ornamental parts of architecture

  • 1756
London: S. Harding

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The art of drawing and working the ornamental parts of architecture
London: S. Harding
Description of Original
24 pages, 186, 14 pages of plates : illustrations ; 30 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Introduction
  4. Contents of the fourteen plates of roofs, etc. which are added to the work
  5. Chap. 1. Of the manner of proportioning the five orders of columns in architecture
  6. Chap. 2. Of the intercolumnation or proper distance that the columns of every order are to be placed at, in the forming of designs for frontispieces, doors, windows, etc.
  7. [Explanation of plates]
  8. Five orders of columns
  9. Piers for gates
  10. Gates
  11. Doorways
  12. Curvatures of moldings and trusses
  13. Windows, entablatures and flutings
  14. Circular and elliptical windows
  15. Niches
  16. Methods for forming the heads of circular and elliptical niches
  17. Cisterns
  18. Chimney pieces
  19. Decorations and borders
  20. Altar pieces
  21. Pulpits
  22. Tablets for inscriptions
  23. Monuments
  24. Tombs
  25. Obelisques
  26. Timepieces
  27. Tables
  28. Fonts
  29. Pedestals
  30. Chests
  31. Dressing table
  32. Bookcases
  33. Ceilings
  34. Ironwork
  35. Roof beams and trusses
  36. [Cover]