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Pioneer microbiologists of America

  • 1961
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press
  • Paul F. Clark, professor emeritus of Medical Microbiology, began his career at the University in 1914, retiring thirty-eight years later in 1952. He was the first chairman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Medical Bacteriology. Pioneer Microbiologists of America was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1961. Clark’s work was an attempt to chronicle and interpret early American microbiology beginning in the nineteenth century and ending around 1916. As a history of American microbiology, this work is even richer because Clark knew many of the people about whom he wrote, including Fred, Baldwin, and McCoy.

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Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press
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369 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Title Page]
  2. Preface
  3. Contents
  4. List of illustrations
  5. 1. Foundations of early bacteriology
  6. Chapter I: Beginnings in other lands
  7. Chapter II: Early centuries in America
  8. Chapter III: Critical epidemiology before the birth of bacteriology
  9. Chapter IV: The period of the great epidemics in America
  10. 2. The Atlantic Seaboard
  11. Chapter V: Early sanitation and public hygiene
  12. Chapter VI: Johns Hopkins University - the medical school
  13. Chapter VII: Massachusetts, Boston, and public hygiene
  14. Chapter VIII: Rhode Island
  15. Chapter IX: Connecticut and state agricultural experiment stations
  16. Chapter X: The great metropolis and New York State
  17. Chapter XI: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
  18. Chapter XII: Important contributions to microbiology by federal agencies
  19. 3. The Central Valley
  20. Chapter XIII: Bacteriology as it developed in three types of institutions in our Midwest
  21. Chapter XIV: Other areas of the Central Valley
  22. 4. Our western lands
  23. Chapter XV: Rocky Mountain area
  24. Chapter XVI: California and the coast
  25. 5. Perspective
  26. Chapter XVII: Our means of communication and our early leaders
  27. Chapter XVIII: Epilogue- from a laboratory window
  28. Notes
  29. Index