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Sloan's homestead architectur : , containing forty designs for villas, cottages, and farm houses, with essays on style, construction, landscape gardening, furniture, etc. etc

  • 1861
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co.

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Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co.
Description of Original
xii, [13]-355 pages : illustrations, plates, plans ; 23 cm.
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Available Contents

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. Drawings
  6. Selection of a site
  7. Remarks on style
  8. Hints on construction
  9. Design I.: an Oriental villa
  10. Design II.: an Italian villa
  11. Design III.: a farm-house
  12. Design IV.: a suburban villa
  13. Design V.: a picturesque Gothic cottage
  14. Design VI.: a bracketed American cottage
  15. Design VII.: an irregular northern villa
  16. Design VIII.: model residence for a physician
  17. Design IX.: a small villa in the pointed style
  18. Design X.: a villa in the Italian style
  19. Design XI.: cottage with truncated roof
  20. Design XII.: a suburban villa [no. 2]
  21. Design XIII.: an irregular bracketed country house
  22. Design XIV.: small decorated Gothic villa
  23. Design XV.: a cottage for a mechanic or clerk
  24. Design XVI.: bracketed village residence
  25. Design XVII.: plain country house
  26. Design XVIII.: model bracketed cottage
  27. Design XIX.: plantation residence
  28. Design XX.: country house for any climate
  29. Design XXI.: country residence in the Gothic style
  30. Warming and ventilation
  31. Design XXII.: suburban residence
  32. Design XXIII.: cottage in the rural Gothic style
  33. Designs XXIV. and XXV.: plain model cottages
  34. Design XXVI.: northern cottage--Gothic style
  35. Design XXVII.: a lake or river villa in the Italian style
  36. Design XXVIII.: a large northern farm-house
  37. Design XXIX.: country house--Gothic style
  38. Design XXX.: an irregular country house
  39. Design XXXI.: an Anglo-French villa
  40. Design XXXII.: large country-house--Italian style
  41. Exterior joinery
  42. Design XXXIII.: a picturesque villa
  43. Design XXXIV.: Anglo-French villa [no. 2]
  44. Interior finish
  45. The dumb waiter
  46. Design XXXV.: clustered cottages
  47. Design XXXVI.: small bracketted villa
  48. Design XXXVII.: residence in the German Gothic style
  49. Design XXXVIII.: symmetrical cottage
  50. Design XXXIX.: workingman's model cottage
  51. Ground plans: a double house
  52. Ground plans: a plain farm dwelling
  53. Carriage-house and stable
  54. Embellishment of grounds
  55. Appendix: Terra-cotta
  56. Appendix: Furniture
  57. Appendix: Drawing-room furniture
  58. Appendix: Parlor or drawing-room furniture
  59. Appendix: Parlor furniture
  60. Appendix: Chamber furniture
  61. Appendix: Library furniture
  62. Appendix: Antique furniture
  63. Appendix: Library furniture
  64. Appendix: Dining-room furniture
  65. [Cover]