Other Titles
Geology of Wisconsin : Survey of 1873-1877
Atlas of the Geological Survey of Wisconsin
[Madison, Wisconsin]: Commissioners of Public Printing
Description of Original
4 volumes : illustrations, portrait, maps (part folded, part color) ; 27 cm. + atlas (42 [i.e. 45] color maps)

    1. Geology of Wisconsin : 1873-1879
    2. [Title Page]
    3. Letter of transmittal / Chamberlin, T. C.
    4. Preface / T. C. C.
    5. Table of contents
    6. Part I. General geology / Chamberlin, T. C.
    7. Chapter I. Chemical geology
    8. Chapter II. Lithological geology
    9. Chapter III. Pre-Laurentian history
    10. Chapter IV. Laurentian age
    11. Chapter V. Huronian age
    12. Chapter VI. Keweenawan period
    13. [Chapter VII. Cambrian age-Potsdam period]
    14. Chapter VIII. Lower Silurian, Cambro-Silurian, or Ordovician age
    15. Chapter IX. Upper Silurian age
    16. Chapter X. Devonian age, or age of fishes
    17. Chapter XI. The Carboniferous age
    18. Chapter XII. The age of reptiles
    19. Chapter XIII. Tertiary age
    20. Chapter XIV. Geological work in Wisconsin between the Devonian and Glacial periods
    21. Chapter XV. Quaternary age
    22. Chapter XVI. Age of mind
    23. Part II
    24. Chapter I. Chemical analyses / Salisbury, R. D
    25. Chapter II. Minerals of Wisconsin / Irving, R. D.
    26. Chapter III. Lithology of Wisconsin / Irving, R. D.
    27. Chapter IV. List of Wisconsin fossils / Whitfield, R. P.
    28. Chapter V. Catalogue of the Phænogamous and vascular cryptogamous plants of Wisconsin / Swezey, G. D.
    29. Chapter VI. A partial list of the fungi of Wisconsin, with descriptions of new species / Bundy, W. F.
    30. Chapter VII. The Crustacean fauna of Wisconsin, with descriptions of little known species of Cambarus / Bundy, W. F.
    31. Chapter VIII. I. A catalogue of Wisconsin Lepidoptera / Hoy, P. R.
    32. Chapter IX. Catalogue of the cold-blooded vertebrates of Wisconsin / Hoy, P. R.
    33. Chapter X. List of the mammals of Wisconsin / Strong, Moses
    34. Chapter XI. Economic relations of Wisconsin birds / King, F. H.
    35. Part III
    36. Chapter I. Iron ores / Irving, R. D.
    37. Chapter II. Lead and zinc ores / Strong, Moses
    38. Chapter III. Economic suggestions in regard to copper, silver and other ores / Chamberlin, T. C.
    39. Chapter IV. Building material / Chamberlin, T. C.
    40. Chapter V. Soils and subsoils of Wisconsin / Chamberlin, T. C.
    41. Chapter VI. Artesian wells / Chamberlin, T. C.
    42. Appendix. The geodetic survey
    43. Index
    44. [Cover]
    1. [Cover]
    2. Potsdam sandstone, Stand rock, Dalles of the Wisconsin
    3. Geology of Wisconsin : 1873-1877
    4. Letter of transmittal / Chamberlin, T. C.
    5. Preface
    6. Table of contents
    7. Part I. Historical. Annual reports
    8. Prefatory note / T. C. C.
    9. Report of progress and results, for the year 1873 / Lapham, I. A.
    10. [Report of progress and results, for the year 1874] / Lapham, I. A.
    11. Report of progress and results, for the year 1875 / Wight, O. W.
    12. [Part II. Geology of eastern Wisconsin] / Chamberlin, T. C.
    13. Acknowledgments
    14. Extent of the district
    15. Previous publications relating to the region
    16. [Chapter I. Topography]
    17. Chapter II. Hydrology
    18. Chapter III. Native vegetation
    19. Chapter IV. Soils
    20. Chapter V. Quaternary formations--the drift
    21. Chapter VI. Archæan formations
    22. Chapter VII. Lower Silurian
    23. [Chapter VIII. Upper Silurian]
    24. [Chapter IX. Devonian]
    25. [Part III. Geology of central Wisconsin] / Irving, Roland D.
    26. Introduction / R. D. I.
    27. Chapter I. Surface features of central Wisconsin
    28. Chapter II. General geological structure of central Wisconsin
    29. Chapter III. The Archæan rocks
    30. [Chapter IV. The lower Silurian rocks]
    31. Chapter V. The quaternary deposits
    32. Appendix. Microscopic lithology
    33. [Part IV. Geology and topography of the Lead region] / Strong, Moses
    34. Chapter I. Introductory and historical
    35. Chapter II. Topography and surface geology
    36. Chapter III. Geological formations
    37. [Chapter IV. The Lead region]
    38. Index
    39. [Cover]
    1. [Cover]
    2. View on the Mississippi River
    3. [Title Page]
    4. Letter of transmittal / Chamberlin, T. C.
    5. Preface / T. C. C.
    6. Table of contents
    7. Introduction / T. C. C.
    8. [Part I. The geological structure of northern Wisconsin] / Irving, R. D.
    9. [Geological structure of northern Wisconsin]
    10. Part II. Lithology of the Keweenawan system / Pumpelly, Raphael
    11. [Part III. Geology of the eastern Lake Superior district] / Irving, R. D.
    12. Introduction / R. D. I.
    13. Chapter I. Topography
    14. Chapter II. The Laurentian system
    15. Chapter III. The Huronian system
    16. Chapter IV. The Keweenawan or copper-bearing system
    17. [Chapter V. The Lake Superior or Potsdam sandstone
    18. [Chapter VI. The Quaternary deposits]
    19. Appendix a
    20. Appendix b
    21. Part IV. The Huronian series west of Penokee gap / Wright, C. E.
    22. Introduction
    23. Chapter I. Dipping needle and solar dial compass, and the method of employing them
    24. Chapter II. Geological cross-section of Penokee iron range
    25. Chapter III. Special examination of Penokee iron range west of the gap
    26. [Part V. Geology of the western Lake Superior district] / Sweet, E. T.
    27. Introduction / E. T. S.
    28. Chapter I. Surface features
    29. Chapter II. Geological formations
    30. Chapter III. Ore deposits and mines
    31. [Part VI. The geology of the upper St. Croix district, based on the notes of the late Moses Strong
    32. Introduction / T. C. C.
    33. Chapter I. Surface features
    34. Chapter II. Quaternary formations
    35. Chapter III. General description of the indurated formations
    36. Chapter IV. Detailed descriptions of the local formations
    37. Part VII. The geology of the Menominee iron region (east of center of range 17 E.) Oconto County, Wisconsin / Brooks, Thomas Benton
    38. [Letter of transmittal] / Brooks, T. B.
    39. Introduction
    40. [Chapter I. The Huronian series in general]
    41. Chapter II. Local details
    42. Chapter III. Mineral composition, transitions and associations of the Menominee rocks
    43. Chapter IV. Description of typical rocks
    44. Chapter V. Microscopical observations of the iron bearing (Huronian) rocks from the region south of Lake Superior / Wichmann, Arthur
    45. Appendix a
    46. Appendix b
    47. Part VIII. The geology of the Menominee iron region (economic resources, lithology, and westerly extension) / Wright, Charles E.
    48. [Letter of transmittal] / Wright, Charles E.
    49. Chapter I. Menominee iron range
    50. Chapter II. Lithology
    51. Chapter III. Western and southern extension of the Menominee range
    52. Numerical index to specimens from Menominee region
    53. Index
    54. [Cover]
    1. Geology of Wisconsin : 1873-1879
    2. Erosion cliff on the Mississippi
    3. [Title Page]
    4. [Letter of transmittal] / Chamberlin, T. C.
    5. Preface / T. C. C.
    6. Table of contents
    7. Part I. Geology of the Mississippi region: north of the Wisconsin River / Strong, Moses
    8. Introduction
    9. Geology of the Mississippi region. Chapter I. Physical geography and surface geology
    10. Chapter II. Geological formations
    11. Chapter III. Quaternary formations
    12. [Part II. Geology of the lower St. Croix district] / Wooster, L. C.
    13. Introduction
    14. Chapter I. General geology
    15. Chapter II. Detailed geology
    16. Chapter III. Quaternary formations
    17. Chapter IV. E. Hydrology
    18. Chapter V. F. Vegetation
    19. Chapter VI. G. Soils and subsoils
    20. Part III. Palæontology / Whitfield, R. P.
    21. Preliminary remarks
    22. Species from the Potsdam sandstone
    23. Species from the lower Magnesian limestones
    24. Species from the Trenton limestone
    25. Species more particularly characterizing the Galena limestone
    26. Species from the shales of the Hudson River group
    27. Species from the limestones of the Niagara group
    28. Species from the Guelph limestone
    29. Species from rocks referred to the lower Helderberg group
    30. Species from the Hamilton group
    31. Supplementary species
    32. Part IV. The ore deposits of southwestern Wisconsin / Chamberlin, T. C.
    33. Historical review
    34. Chapter I. Data relating to the ore deposits
    35. Chapter II. Theoretical deductions
    36. Chapter III. Practical considerations
    37. Appendix
    38. Part V. The quartzites of Barron and Chippewa counties
    39. The quartzites of Barron and Chippewa counties
    40. Part VI. Geology of the Upper Flambeau Valley / King, F. H.
    41. Introduction
    42. Geology of the Upper Flambeau Valley
    43. Appendix
    44. Part VII. Crystalline rocks of the Wisconsin Valley / Irving, R. D.; Van Hise, C. R.
    45. Preface / Irving, R. D
    46. Crystalline rocks of the Wisconsin Valley
    47. Part VIII. Superficial geology of the Upper Wisconsin Valley
    48. Superficial geology of the Upper Wisconsin Valley
    49. Part IX. Geodetic survey / Davies, John E.
    50. Geodetic survey / Davies, John E.
    51. Appendix
    52. Index to the palæontology
    53. Index to volume IV
    54. Plate 1
    55. Plate 2
    56. Plate 3
    57. Plate 4
    58. Plate 5
    59. Plate 6
    60. Plate 7
    61. Plate 8
    62. Plate 9
    63. Plate 10
    64. Plate 11
    65. Plate 12
    66. Plate 13
    67. Plate 14
    68. Plate 15
    69. Plate 16
    70. Plate 17
    71. Plate 18
    72. Plate 19
    73. Plate 20
    74. Plate 21
    75. Plate 22
    76. Plate 23
    77. Plate 24
    78. Plate 25
    79. Plate 26
    80. Plate 27
    81. [Cover]
    1. [Cover]
    2. Atlas of the geological survey of Wisconsin
    3. Index
    4. General geological map of Wisconsin
    5. General map of quaternary formations
    6. General map of native vegetation
    7. General map of soils
    8. Map of rainfall and temperature
    9. Maps of subsoils and native vegetation of eastern Wisconsin
    10. Maps of topography and quaternary formations of eastern Wisconsin
    11. Geological and topographical maps of the lead region
    12. Area A.--Geological map of Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Walworth, Jefferson, and parts of Rock, Dodge, Washington and Ozaukee Counties
    13. Area B.--Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Calumet, Winnebago, and parts of Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee, Kewaunee, Brown, Outagamie and Waupaca Counties
    14. Area C.--Door and parts of Kewaunee, Brown, Outagamie, Shawano, Oconto and Marinette Counties
    15. Area D.--Green and parts of Rock, Dane, Sauk, Iowa and La Fayette Counties
    16. Area E.--Adams, Waushara, Marquette, Columbia, Green Lake and parts of Sauk, Juneau and Dodge Counties
    17. Area F.--Wood and parts of Clark, Jackson, Marathon and Portage Counties
    18. Area G.--Grant and parts of La Fayette, Iowa, Richland and Crawford Counties
    19. Area H.--Monroe, Vernon, and parts of Crawford, Richland, Sauk, Juneau, Jackson, La Crosse and Trempealeau Counties
    20. Area I.--Pierce, Pepin, Dunn, Buffalo, and parts of Trempealeau, Eau Claire, Chippewa and St. Croix Counties
    21. Area J.--Polk, Barron, and parts of St. Croix, Dunn, Chippewa and Burnett Counties
    22. Area K.--Douglas and parts of Burnett, Bayfield and Ashland Counties
    23. Area L.--Parts of Ashland, Bayfield and Lincoln Counties
    24. Geological map and sections of the region drained by the Bad and Montreal Rivers
    25. Map and sections of Huronian or iron-bearing series at Penokee Gap
    26. Maps of the Huronian or iron-bearing series in Ashland and Lincoln Counties
    27. Map of Penokee iron range west of the gap
    28. Map of Menominee iron region
    29. Geological sketch of Menominee iron region showing distribution of folds
    30. Map of Menominee iron region and adjacent territory
    31. General map of ore-bearing crevices of the lead region
    32. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Mineral Point, Dodgeville, Linden, Mifflin, Highland, Centerville and Wingville
    33. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Platteville, Whig, Big Patch and Elk Grove
    34. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Potosi and vicinity
    35. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Fairplay, Menomonee and Beetown
    36. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Benton and New Diggings
    37. Map of ore-bearing crevices of Wiota, Porter's Grove, Pigeon, and Shullsburg
    38. Map of ore-bearing crevices and topography of Shullsburg
    39. Map of ore-bearing crevices and topography of Hazel Green
    40. Map of ore-bearing crevices and topography of Muscalunge
    41. Triangulation maps of the U. S. geodetic survey
    42. [Cover]