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Youth's instructor
London: William Pain
Description of Original
[33], 22 pages, 146 leaves of plates (some folded) : illustrations, plans ; 23 cm

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. Contents
  4. Prices for carpenter's day-bills
  5. Retail prices of deals, battens, &c
  6. A table of scantlings for cutting timber for buildings
  7. Centering for groins, arches, and use of the trammel
  8. Groins, skylights, niches, polygon roofs, &c
  9. Domes circular, circular soffits
  10. To find the length and backing of hips, square, or bevel. curb roofs, sections of floors, trussing girders, roofs in ledgement
  11. Ionic volute, glueing up columns, and diminishing
  12. The five orders, shewing the measures and proportions to any height required
  13. Frontispieces for outside and inside doors
  14. Shop fronts
  15. Mouldings, frize, and cornice, for practice; some of them full size, and some half size
  16. Stair-cases
  17. Chimnies, doors, &c
  18. Ceilings
  19. Plans, elevations, and sections
  20. Corinthian and composite caps
  21. Plancers of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian cornices, and glueing up caps
  22. Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian cornices, with part of the pediments to a large scale
  23. Plans, elevations, and sections, for town and country houses, drawn by a scale fixed to each design
  24. Designs for green-house, hot-house, &c
  25. Coach-house and stable
  26. Farm-house, brew-house, and laundry, with farm-yard, and barn, adapted to a nobleman or gentleman's country-seat
  27. Designs for a timber bridge
  28. Design for a church, with sections two ways
  29. Designs for pulpit and altar-piece
  30. Designs for chimney pieces
  31. Mouldings, with their proper embellishments
  32. Vine leaves and grapes, oak leaves and acorns
  33. Vases and pedestals for sun dials
  34. Designs for gateways to a nobleman or gentleman's house
  35. Designs for shop-fronts
  36. Stair-cases
  37. Sections of a library to Plate 97
  38. Sections of a dining-room and ceiling to ditto
  39. The method for bending a cornice round the internal part of a circular body on the spring
  40. A list of prices, materials and labour, and labour only, adapted to the Practical house carpenter, with reference to the respective designs
  41. Contents [of A Llst of prices]
  42. [Cover]