Visual display of the In Old Kentucky

In Old Kentucky

  • 1893
Milwaukee: American Show Print Company
  • The image depicts two men fighting near a bridge and raging river. One man has driven the other to the precipice. A caption below the image reads: "The Fight On The Edge Of The Chasm." Below this the caption "America's Greatest Play by C. T. Dazey" and under that is the play title.
  • Dazey's highly popular play, of which it was said that it enjoyed twenty-seven years of uninterrupted productions, was written for the manager Jacob Litt and premiered at the Academy of Music in 1892. It was later turned into a novel (with Edward Marshall). The show included scenes of the heroine (Bettina Gerard) swinging across a chasm to save the hero (William Courtleigh), and saving a filly from a burning barn before riding the horse to victory in a race in the next act. The play later was made into a slent film in 1919.

Publication Details

Brister, Walter
Brister, J. H.
Musical director
Brister, Walter
Milwaukee: American Show Print Company
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Color lithograph, 50 cm by 70 cm
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WHS Image ID 89218
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Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Researchs : 3.x.0012
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