Variation of hydraulic conductivity in sandy glacial till : site variation versus methodology

  • 1992
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • "Project WR07 GWM WR990, final report to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, March 17, 1992."
  • The sandy till of the Green Bay Lobe in Wisconsin is mapped as the Horicon Formation, a lithostratigraphic term that implies that certain properties of the unit can be recognized everywhere it occurs. A compilation of a limited number of hydrogeological studies of the Horicon Formation by Rodenbeck (1988) showed that hydraulic conductivity varies over three orders of magnitude in a medium that appears texturally and lithologically homogeneous. The overall objectives of this study were: (1) to determine if this appartent heterogeneity is real of a result of different testing methods at different scales, and (2) to examine the effects of the scale of measurement on different methods of determining hydraulic conductivity in such materials.

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Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
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