Philadelphia: Edward Young & Co.
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3 volumes : portraits ; 24 cm

    1. Pioneer American manufacturers
    2. A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860: vol. I
    3. [Dedication]
    4. Preface
    5. Chapter I: Origin of American manufactures, and a glance at the state of the arts in Europe in the sixteenth century
    6. Chapter II: Origin of American manufactures continued, and those in Virginia, to the close of the seventeenth century, considered
    7. Chapter III: Ship-building in the colonies of Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
    8. Chapter IV: Ship-building in the middle and southern colonies
    9. Chapter V: Introduction of saw-mills and manufacture of lumber
    10. Chapter VI: The introduction of grist and flour-mills into the colonies
    11. Chapter VII: The establishment of the printing press in the colonies
    12. Chapter VIII: Colonial paper-mills, type-founderies, and printing-presses
    13. Chapter IX: Bricks, and the manufactures of clay
    14. Chapter X: Glass-works in the colonies
    15. Chapter XI: Brewing and the manufacture of beer
    16. Chapter XII: Essays in the manufacture of wine in the colonies
    17. Chapter XIII: The manufacture of salt in the colonies
    18. Chapter XIV: Of the manufacture of cloth and materials for clothing
    19. Chapter XV: Of cloth and the materials for clothing continued, from the peace of 1763, with especial reference to the culture of indigo, cotton, and silk
    20. Chapter XVI: Tanning and the manufactures of leather
    21. Chapter XVII: Iron, copper, and other metallic manufactures
    22. Chapter XVIII: Colonial industry in metals--continued ; early efforts in the southern colonies, with a general summary of legislation respecting iron, tables of colonial imports and exports, etc.
    23. Index to portraits of old printers & eminent type founders
    24. Index to portraits of eminent modern printers
    25. Index to portraits of representative leather manufacturers
    26. Index
    27. Supplementary index to vol. I
    1. Representative American inventors : plate I
    2. A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860: vol. II
    3. Chapter I: A review of the state and condition of manufactures in the first ten years succeeding the adoption of the Constitution
    4. Chapter II: Annals of manufactures: 1800-1810
    5. Chapter III: Annals of manufactures: 1810-1820
    6. Chapter IV: Annals of manufactures: 1820-1830
    7. Chapter V: Annals of manufactures: 1830-1840
    8. Chapter VI: The manufactures of the United States: 1840-1860
    9. Chapter VII: The manufactures of the United States: 1850-1863
    10. Index to representative manufacturers
    11. Index to portraits: American inventors
    12. Appendix: alphabetical arrangement of the tariffs of the United States, for the years 1842, 1846, 1857, and 1862
    13. Woolen goods produced in the United States during the year ending June 1, 1860
    14. Cotton goods produced in the United States during the year ending June 1, 1860
    15. Index to vol. II
    1. Representative manufacturers of New England : plate III
    2. A history of American manufactures from 1608 to 1860: vol. III
    3. Introduction to vol. III
    4. Statistics of the principal manufacturing cities and towns in the United States
    5. Remarkable manufacturing establishments in Philadelphia
    6. Manufactures of Pittsburgh
    7. Manufactures of Baltimore
    8. Manufactures of New York and Brooklyn
    9. Manufactures of Newark
    10. Manufactures of Paterson
    11. Manufactures of Trenton
    12. Manufactures of Albany
    13. Manufactures of Troy
    14. Manufactures of Rochester
    15. Manufactures of Buffalo
    16. Manufacturing centres of New England : Portland, Maine
    17. Manufactures of Boston
    18. Manufactures of Lowell
    19. Manufactures of Lawrence
    20. Manufactures of Lynn
    21. Manufactures of Taunton
    22. Manufactures of Fall River
    23. Manufactures of Springfield
    24. Manufactures of Chicopee
    25. Manufactures of Worcester
    26. Manufactures of Fitchburgh
    27. Manufactures of Providence, R.I.
    28. Manufactures of Hartford
    29. Manufactures of Meriden
    30. Manufactures of New Haven
    31. Manufactures of Bridgeport
    32. Manufactures of Waterbury
    33. Manufactures of Middletown, Conn.
    34. Manufactures of Norwich
    35. Manufactures of Manchester, N.H.
    36. Manufactures of Nashua, N.H.
    37. Manufactures of Concord
    38. Manufactures of Vermont
    39. Manufactures of the West
    40. Manufactures of Cincinnati, Ohio
    41. Manufactures of Cleveland, Ohio
    42. Manufactures of Chicago, Illinois
    43. Manufactures of Detroit, Michigan
    44. Manufactures of St. Louis
    45. Manufactures of Wilmington, Delaware
    46. The great iron works of the United States
    47. The great hat manufactories of the United States
    48. The great tobacco manufactories
    49. A list of principal manufacturers of cotton goods in the United States
    50. Wool manufacturers in the United States
    51. Statistics of the production of iron in the United States in 1860, and a list of the principal blast furnaces and rolling mills in the New England, middle, and western states
    52. Index to vol. III