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Brecht in/and Asia

  • 2011
Madison, Wis.: International Brecht Society

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  4. Editorial
  5. Silvia Schlenstedt (1931-2010)
  6. Malleable Brecht: The Performance Group's Mother Courage in India, 1976
  7. Brecht: a participant in the process of nation-building
  8. Estrangement in Kathakali
  9. Die Stellung des Black Tent Theaters in der japanischen Brecht-Rezeption
  10. Jan-Jan-Oper und Osaka Rap, Teil 1: Brecht Nachtklänge im Theater Ishinha
  11. Jan-Jan-Oper und Osaka Rap, Teil 2: Yukichi Matsumotos Mizumachi und Keaton
  12. Towards a Taoist reading of the Lehrstück the Horatians and the Curiatians
  13. Braveness in non-action: the Taoist strategy of survival in Bertolt Brecht's Schweyk and Anna Seghers' Transit
  14. Brecht's Good Person and traditional humanistic Chinese philosophy: towards an ethical subject
  15. Brechts chinesische Wendungen: Me-ti und die Praxis kultureller Flexionen
  16. Unter die chinesische Maske: neue Studien zu Brechts "Sechs chinesischen Gedichten"
  17. Die Grossmutter, der Pietismus, und die Missionare: neue biografische Erklärungsansätze in Bezug auf Brechts "chinesisches Werk"
  18. Brecht's (brush with) Maoism
  19. Performing Brecht in Bangladesh: making the unfamiliar familiar
  20. Brechtian theater meets Buddhist aesthetics: Kamron Gunatilaka's The Revolutionist
  21. The good person of Korea: Lee Jaram's Sacheon-ga as a dialogue between Brecht and Pansori
  22. A postcolonial Brecht?
  23. Imperial Brecht? Bertolt Brecht's complex portrayal of empire in Mann ist Mann
  24. The "Lord of the South See" and his "Maori woman": the function of the Tahiti metaphor in Brecht's early works
  25. Brecht's Asia versus Brecht's Greece: cultural constructs and the explanatory power of a binary
  26. Annäherungen an den Interkulturalismus mit Brecht: Fritz Bennewitz' Theaterarbeit in Asien
  27. From didactic to dialectic intercultural theater: Fritz Bennewitz and the 1973 production of the Caucasian Chalk Circle in Mumbai
  28. Fritz Bennewitz's Islamic Chalk Circle in the Philippines
  29. Wuolijoki, Brecht, "well made" dramaturgy, and The Judith of Shimoda
  30. "Fear and misery" post-9/11: Mark Ravenhill's Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat
  31. Brecht's East Asia: a conspectus
  32. Book reviews
  33. Books received
  34. Contributors
  35. [Cover]