University of Wisconsin–Madison Botany Department Teaching CollectionIn the Collection

Organization of the Collection

  1. Basic Biological Concepts

    These topics are not specific to botany, and are a central part of any biology curriculum. The resources for each topic are not universal but mirror the specific set of activities conducted in each lab exercise.

  2. Plant Structure and Function

    Plant structure is a major component in any basic botany course. In General Botany, we try to link our study of structure to how a plant functions to survive in its environment, and to the evolutionary process responsible for the development of plant structure.

  3. Botanical Diversity Excluding Plants

    The course surveys a sampling of the major groups of organisms included in the discipline. These include all the organisms considered to be plants back when all organisms were considered to be either plants or animals. This collection consists of reference images of groups still included in botany, but which are not considered to be true plants.

  4. Plant Diversity

    This collection includes examples from each of the major groups of true plants.

  5. Ecology and Field Botany