Sketches and hints on landscape gardening : collected from designs and observations now in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally made : the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the art of laying out ground

  • 1794
London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Shakspeare Printing-Office, and sold by J. and J. Boydell ... and by G. Nicol ...
  • Sir Humphry Repton (1752-1818) was a celebrated landscape designer for the English landed gentry. His three major publications are digitized by the University of Wisconsin libraries. "Sketches and hints on landscape gardening" was published in 1794; "Observations on the theory and practice of landscape gardening" appeared in 1803; and "Fragments on the theory and practice of landscape gardening," co-authored with his son J. A. (John Adey) Repton, appeared in 1816. During his career, Repton developed an innovative method for conveying his landscaping ideas to prospective clients. He presented them with individualized red-bound volumes outlining suggested improvements to their estates and illustrating the ideas in watercolors. Via tabbed overlays and hinged flaps, the illustrations showed landscape views both before and after proposed modifications. Late in his career, Repton estimated he had produced over 400 unique “Red Books” and reports for clients during his lifetime. In order to disseminate his ideas and theories to a wider audience, Repton published the three books digitized here. These draw on material originally contained in the Red Books and replicate the before-and-after views with hand-colored aquatint illustration plates. In our online facsimiles, illustrations with moveable flaps are shown in both states. In some cases, the tab mechanisms are visible from the reverse side of the illustration pages. See the original Repton books in the UW-Madison Memorial Library Special Collections at call numbers Thordarson T 4083, Thordarson T 4080, and Thordarson T 4078.

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London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Shakspeare Printing-Office, and sold by J. and J. Boydell ... and by G. Nicol ...
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xvi, 83 pages, 3 unnumbered pages, 16 unnumbered leaves of plates (some folded) : color illustrations ; 28 x 38 cm.
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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title Page]
  3. To the king
  4. Contents
  5. Advertisement, explaining the nature of this work
  6. Catalogue of those red books from whence the following extracts are made; or which are mentioned as containing further elucidations of the subjects introduced in this first volume
  7. Introduction
  8. Landscape gardening. Chap. I. Concerning different characters and situations
  9. [Plate I. State A]
  10. [Plate I. State B]
  11. [Plate II. State A]
  12. [Plate II. State B]
  13. [Plate II. State C]
  14. [Plate III. State A]
  15. [Plate III. State B]
  16. [Plate IV. State A]
  17. [Plate IV. State B]
  18. Chap. II. Concerning buildings
  19. [Plate V. State A]
  20. [Plate V. State B]
  21. [Plate VI. State A]
  22. [Plate VII. State A]
  23. [Plate VII. State B]
  24. Chap. III. Concerning proper situations for an [a] house
  25. [Plate VIII. State A]
  26. [Plate VIII. State B]
  27. [Plate IX. State A]
  28. [Plate IX. State B]
  29. [Plate X]
  30. Chap. IV. Concerning water
  31. [Plate XI. State A]
  32. [Plate XI. State B]
  33. [Plate XII. State A]
  34. [Plate XII. State B
  35. Chap. V. Concerning park scenery
  36. [Plate XIII. State A]
  37. [Plate XIII. State B]
  38. [Plate XIV. State A]
  39. [Plate XIV. State B]
  40. Chap. VI. On the ancient style of gardening; of symmetry and uniformity
  41. [Plate XV. State A]
  42. [Plate XV. State B]
  43. Chap. VII. Concerning approaches; with some remarks on the affinity betwixt painting and gardening
  44. [Plate XVI. State A]
  45. [Plate XVI. State B]
  46. Appendix
  47. Explanation of the plates
  48. [Cover]