Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-6 : Writings

the total range in weight. The intent was to see how closely 
the body dimensions would follow the weight and each other. 
(Mathematically, the method is faulty in that'single 
abnormal maximum or minimum dimension may distort the scale and 
thus -,partially distort the Juxtaposition of the curves. The 
effect of thosfault will appear later). 
The serial number and sex of each bird occurs in the 
horizontal column at the bottom, 
The spread and      curves are discontinuous in two 
places because of badly broken wing and neck bones# A- 
Conclusions : 
(a) Hens tend to be lighter than drakes. This, of course, 
is well known, but the sex symbols give a quantitative indi- 
cation of the sex-weight relation. 
(b) The dimension carves in general %s with the weight. 
This sere   reflects the obvious fact that a lerge frame tends 
to be heavy. 
(o) The more prominent dimension peaks above the weight 
curve are all drakes (nos. 18, 21, 20, 24), and of these, all 
but one (no. 20) have all the dimensions atove.  This tenta- 
tively indicates that extreme slimness is commoner in drakes. 
(d) ~The dimension peaks below the weight line are less 
prominent, but are mostly hens (nos. 6, 12, 17, 35 hens, nos. 
7 and 25 drakes), This tentatively indicates that extreme 
plumpness is commoner in hens. 
(e) Following up the foregoing indications that relative 
-- -