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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Frontispiece] G. A. Custer
  3. [Title Page]
  4. List of illustrations
  5. Contents
  6. Life of Gen. George A. Custer: Preliminary remarks
  7. First book.--The boy: Chapter I. Early life
  8. Chapter II. Plebe Custer
  9. Chapter III. Cadet Custer
  10. Second book.--The subaltern: Chapter I. Lieutenant Custer, second cavalry
  11. Chapter II. Bull Run
  12. Chapter III. Organizing an army
  13. Chapter IV. The peninsular campaign
  14. [Chapter V. Winning the bars]
  15. Third book.--The captain: Chapter I. From Richmond to Malvern Hill
  16. Chapter II. McClellan's removal
  17. Chapter III. The cavalry corps
  18. Chapter IV. Winning his star
  19. Fourth book.--The Michigan brigade. Chapter I. The Gettysburg campaign
  20. Chapter II. After Gettysburg
  21. Chapter III. To the Rapidan and back
  22. Chapter IV. The wilderness and the valley
  23. Chapter V. Winchester
  24. Fifth book.--The Third Cavalry Division: Chapter I. Woodstock Races
  25. Chapter II. Cedar Creek
  26. [Chapter III. The last raid]
  27. Chapter IV. Five forks
  28. Chapter V. Appomattox
  29. Chapter VI. The great parade
  30. Sixth book.--After the war: Chapter I. The volunteers in Texas
  31. Chapter II. The regular army
  32. Chapter III. The Seventh Cavalry
  33. Seventh book.--On the plains. Chapter I. The Hancock expedition
  34. Chapter II. The first scout
  35. [Chapter III. The wagon train]
  36. [Chapter IV. The Kidder massacre]
  37. Chapter V. The court martial
  38. Chapter VI. The winter campaign
  39. [Chapter VII. Battle of the Washita]
  40. Chapter VIII. Closing operations
  41. Chapter IX. Louisville to the Yellowstone
  42. Chapter X. The Black Hills
  43. [Chapter II [XI]. Rain-in-the-Face]
  44. Eighth book.--The last campaign: Chapter I. Sitting Bull.
  45. Chapter II. Crazy Horse
  46. Chapter III. Custer and Grant
  47. Chapter IV. The great expedition
  48. [Chapter V. The last battle]
  49. Ninth book.--Soldier and man: Chapter 1. Custer, the soldier
  50. Chapter II. Custer, the Indian-fighter
  51. Chapter III. Custer, the man
  52. Tenth book: Personal recollections of General Custer
  53. Index
  54. [Cover]