Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

     B. A. Schilling, U. S. Forest Service, Glenn Bldg., Atlanta, G' 
     (Region 4 - Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama) 
     Rudolf Bennitt, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. 
     (Region 5 - Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri) 
     T. H. Langlois, Bureau of Fish Propagation, Columbus, Ohio. 
     (Region 6 - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois) 
     Harry Adams, U. S. Forest Service, Federal Bldg., Milwaukee, Wisc. 
     (Region 7 - Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) 
     Wo P. Taylor, U. S. Biological Survey, Agricultural and Mechanical 
     College, College Station, Texas. 
     (Regiom 8 - Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas) 
     Paul L. Errington, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. 
     (Region 9 - North Dakota, South Dakota, ┬░Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa)

     J. Stokley Ligon, Carlsbad, N. Mex. 
     (Region 10 - Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) 
     Arthur S. Einarsen, U. S. Biological Survey, Oregon State College, 
     Corvallis, Oreg. 
     (Region 11 - Washington, Oregon, Territory of Alaska) 
     Joseph Dixon, National Park Service, Berkeley, Calif. 
     (Region 12 - California, Nevada) 
     George L. Girard, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo. 
     (Region 13 - Idaho, Wyoming, Montana) 
     The functions of the Regional Committee are specified in Recommendation

5 above, but President King considering that qualifications for affiliation

are especially important this preparatory year because the affiliates will

decide the.permanent nature of the organization at the next meeting, appointed

a committee to devise a formula to guide all concerned in securing first
affiliates. This cc'nmittee consisted of Leopold, Stoddard, and McAtee, and

the formula adopted vs as follows: *Affiliates of the Society of Wildlife

Specialists for the first year, pending decisions as to permanent organization

and classes and qualifications for membership, should be sought only among

those professionally engaged in the teaching or practice of wildlife management

or wildlife research." 
     The preceding is a report Of the principal happenings to date relative

to the formation of the Society of Wildlife Specialists. 
                                             W. L. IcAtee 
February 20, 1936. 

        )DEC 5~ 
TISDE OFC        %DAO 
Ylr* Ralph T. King., 
Rooselve3t Wildlife Station, 
Syracuse, N. Y.