Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                                          142 University Fazm Pine* 
                                          June 21, 194O 
Mr. Robert Sterling Yard 
The Wildernes Society 
1140 Mintwood Place 
Washbinnto, D. 0. 
Pear )ob i 
          I nrpreOe~tp your takin the t eins to write 
me especially Poout the meetiag, and I can iusgine that 
it was a b"sy time for you. 
          Dr. Airpkq wrote me expressir approval of the 
idea of workig with the iolo    aeal Society, but he did 
not have time to write xaq speeal meessge uor to attend 
the meeting. However, I think we *an eall on him in the 
fttnre If we can gdve him more notice. 
          Needless to say, I would have given   g od deal 
to be at the meeting. 
          Ifitkh personal wer~e.,;r 
                                Slneoerel yomro, 
                                    Aldo 10eo-001 
                           Profeesor of Wildlife Mansaemean