London: Printed for S. Hooper, No. 25, Ludgate-Hill
Description of Original
[2], 50, [2] pages, 100 leaves of plates : color illustrations ; 43 cm

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Marbled pages]
  3. [Title Page]
  4. [Common German, or wild flower-de-luce; Common marshmallow]
  5. [Common nightshade of the shops; Common provence rose bud]
  6. [Common or garden feverfew; Narrow leaved lungwort with a blue flower]
  7. [Common red field poppy; Larger provence rose]
  8. [Convolvulus minor; Chelidonium pilenvort]
  9. [Broad leav'd garden anemone; The apple tree blossom]
  10. [Thymelcea with a deciduous bay leaf, or female laureola; the Primrose]
  11. [Dwarf elder, or ebulus; Columbine with a double inverted flower]
  12. [Greater hemlock; Tulip with a noding flower, and spear shaped leaves]
  13. [Dittany with a red flower; Crown imperial]
  14. [Borage with blue flowers; Broad leav'd chickling vetch or everlasting pea]
  15. [Common red sage; Carnation]
  16. [Common St. Johnswort; Wild rose with sweet scented leaves, or sweet briar]
  17. [Burdock; Chickling vetch]
  18. [Common yellow tansey; Bindweed]
  19. [Wild mallon; Indian nastartium with a larger leaf and flower]
  20. [Purple viscous campion with a broad smooth leaf; Greater common celandine]
  21. [Eastern arsesmart with a tobacco leaf; Smaller Indian tagetes with double flowers]
  22. [Smooth sowthistle; sunflower with large jaged leaves; Creeping three coloured garden violet]
  23. [Lupine]
  24. [Yellow ladies bedstraw; Dodecatheon]
  25. [Broad leaved roman myrtle; Narrow leaved bitter vetch]
  26. [Sweet Canada raspberry; The scarlet flowering horse chesnut]
  27. [Tinus; Common tulip]
  28. [Upright honey-suckle; Crowfoot]
  29. [Wild cucumber; Eastern hyacinth]
  30. [Daffodil; Peony]
  31. [Lilac; Pale wild daffodil, with a yellow cup]
  32. [Greater moonwort; Greater hairy campion with a scarlet flower]
  33. [Lesser scorpion sena; Garden larkspur]
  34. [Peach tree; Strawberry with oval spear shaped, rough leaves of an oval fruit]
  35. [Dwarf hoary, greater centaury with a head like a pine cone; Greater hoary stock gilliflower]
  36. [French honey suckle; Narrow leaved flower-de-luce with two coulours]
  37. [The Austrian rose; Greater cornflag of Byzantium]
  38. [Stinging false acasia; Great lily with a purple saffron coloured flower]
  39. [Carmine lily of Byzantium; The German honeysuckle]
  40. [Female balsamine; Mondarda]
  41. [Crested amaranth; Three coloured amaranthus]
  42. [Hollyhock; Upright garden ranunculus]
  43. [Garden poppy with black seeds; Common goats rue with blue flowers]
  44. [Greater narrow leav'd tobacco; Passion-flower with hand shaped entire leaves]
  45. [Clove gilliflower, carnation pink; Lilac with a deep purple flower]
  46. [Starwort; Rose tree]
  47. [The double variegated rose; Greater centaury knapweed]
  48. [Rhubarb with smooth heart-shap'd leaves and obtuse spikes of flowers; The male orchis with spotted leaves]
  49. [The strawberry tree; Tallest magnolia with a very white flower]
  50. [Wind flower; Bear ear, or auricula]
  51. [Cyclamen; The jasmine, or fessamine tree]
  52. [Common peach tree with double flowers; Rhubarb with pointed hand shaped leaves]
  53. [St. John's wort; Free rock-rose with a double crenated leaf]
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  55. [Marbled pages]
  56. [Cover]