London: Edward Arnold
Description of Original
2 volumes : illustrations, portrait, folded maps ; 29 cm.

    1. [Cover]
    2. A spur of the Caucasus from the Mestia Pass
    3. The exploration of the Caucasus: volume I
    4. In memoriam: W. F. D.
    5. Preface to the second edition
    6. Table of contents
    7. Illustrations in the text
    8. Chapter I: The discoverers of the Caucasus
    9. Chapter II: The characteristics of the Caucasus
    10. Chapter III: Caucasian history and travel
    11. Chapter IV: Kasbek and the Ossete district
    12. Chapter V: The Mamison Pass and Gebi
    13. Chapter VI: The Adai Khokh group
    14. Chapter VII: The valley of the Urukh
    15. Chapter VIII: Balkar and Bezingi
    16. Chapter IX: The paths to Suanetia
    17. Chapter X: Suanetia
    18. Chapter XI: Travel and mountaineering in Suanetia (1868-87-89)
    19. Chapter XII: The ascent of Tetnuld
    20. A sketch map of the Caucasus
    21. [Cover]
    1. [Cover]
    2. Tetnuld from the north
    3. The exploration of the Caucasus: volume II
    4. Table of contents
    5. Illustrations in the text
    6. Chapter XIII: The Zanner Pass and Ukiu
    7. Chapter XIV: Mountaineering in 1888: Dykhtau and Katuintau
    8. Chapter XV: Mountaineering in 1888: continued: Shkara, Janga, and Ushba
    9. Chapter XVI: Search and travel in 1889
    10. Chapter XVII: The ascent of Koshtantau
    11. Chapter XVIII: Chegem
    12. Chapter XIX: The passes of the Baksan
    13. Chapter XX: Urusbieh and Elbruz
    14. Chapter XXI: The sources of the Kuban
    15. Chapter XXII: The solitude of Abkhasia
    16. Appendices
    17. Appendix A: The physical history of the Caucasus
    18. Appendix B: Topographical and travellers' notes and climbers' record
    19. Appendix C: Table of mean temperatures and rainfalls (year 1890)
    20. Appendix D: Heights of the lower terminations of some of the principal Caucasian glaciers
    21. Appendix E: Note on the maps and illustrations
    22. Appendix F: A short list of books recommended to those interested in the central Caucasus
    23. The peaks, passes & glaciers of the central Caucasus
    24. Index
    25. [Cover]