DARE Interview : Campbellton, Florida; Primary Informant FL018

  • 1965
  • Informant Data:
  • FL018: White; female; age: 69 (old); education: college; community type: rural
  • Media File:
  • Full Interview (Tape 0253-S1).
  • Content:
  • 00:25 Not clear whether town was named for Campbell or Camp Bell; story of iron fence around a woman's grave that has been locked for 140 years or so
  • 04:20 Uncle who was in U.S. Civil War, broke off an engagement because of his drinking
  • 06:50 School where she was the first woman to teach successfully . Basketball and poverty
  • 11:25 Man waiting with a gun to shoot the bus driver, encounters with moonshine
  • 14:40 Case of pints and rooster for Christmas, smuggling moonshine. Children missed her when she left
  • 18:30 Cigar-smoking boy, another school which had run off seven teachers in one year
  • 22:45 Her family ran the post office for 75 years, but she turned it down when offered
  • 26:30 Family lived in area for quite a long time; mother not permitted by grandfather to take an office job
  • 30:25 Grandmother coping with loss of slaves and money after U.S. Civil War
  • 32:00 Tape end
  1. Full interview


Porter, Ruth
  • 1965
  • Dictionary of American Regional English
  • English
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