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  1. [Cover]
  2. [Frontispiece] General Nelson A. Miles
  3. [Title Page]
  4. Dedicated
  5. Preface
  6. Illustrations
  7. Table of contents
  8. Chapter I. In New England fifty years ago
  9. Chapter II. The Great Civil War
  10. Chapter III. Last scenes of the Great War
  11. Chapter IV. Our acquired territory
  12. Chapter V. Prehistoric Americans
  13. Chapter VI. Indian character
  14. Chapter VII. Indian law, religion and eloquence
  15. Chapter VIII. Game in the great west
  16. Chapter IX. The Indian during the Civil War
  17. Chapter X. Some historic campaigns
  18. Chapter XI. Campaigns in Texas
  19. Chapter XII. Kiowas and Comanches
  20. Chapter XIII. Indian difficulties in New Mexico
  21. Chapter XIV. The Sioux war
  22. Chapter XV. The Custer massacre
  23. Chapter XVI. After the Custer massacre
  24. Chapter XVII. A winter campaign
  25. Chapter XVIII. Campaign against Cheyennes and Ogalallas
  26. Chapter XIX. The Lame Deer expedition
  27. Chapter XX. The Nez Percé campaign
  28. Chapter XXI. The siege and the surrender
  29. Chapter XXII. A visit to Custer's last battlefield
  30. Chapter XXIII. The Bannock campaign
  31. Chapter XXIV. Sitting Bull
  32. Chapter XXV. Results of six years of Indian campaigning
  33. Chapter XXVI. The Indian problem
  34. Chapter XXVII. Journey westward
  35. Chapter XXVIII. Salt Lake City and the Mormons
  36. Chapter XXIX. Across Utah and Nevada
  37. Chapter XXX. A chapter out of early history
  38. Chapter XXXI. Department of the Columbia
  39. Chapter XXXII. Chief Moses and his tribe
  40. Chapter XXXIII. Our Alaskan possessions
  41. Chapter XXXIV. From Indian territory to Arizona
  42. Chapter XXXV. The Apache and the soldier
  43. Chapter XXXVI. A campaign against the Apaches (Captain Maus' narrative)
  44. Chapter XXXVII. The Arizona campaign. (I)
  45. Chapter XXXVIII. The Arizona campaign. II
  46. Chapter XXXIX. Incidents of the Apache campaign
  47. Chapter XL. End of the Apache war
  48. Chapter XLI. How the regulars are trained
  49. Chapter XLII. The arid region and irrigation
  50. Chapter XLIII. Transportation
  51. Chapter XLIV. California
  52. [Cover]