London: Printed for Moses Pitt, at the Angel, against the little north door of St. Paul's Church
Description of Original
[8], 119, [1] p., 80 leaves of plates: ill. ; 38 cm. (fol.)

  1. [Cover]
  2. [Title page] A description of the nature of four-footed beasts, with their figures engraven in brass
  3. [Bookplate]
  4. The preface to the book of the four-footed beasts
  5. The naturall history of the fourfooted beasts. The first booke. Of wholehoof'd fourfooted beasts
  6. Chapter I. Of the horse
  7. Chapter II. Of the asse
  8. Chapter III. Of the wilde asse
  9. Chapter IV. Of the mule, and the Indian zebra
  10. Chapter V. Of the elephant
  11. Chapter VI. Of the unicorn, and of the horned-asses
  12. The naturall history of the fourfooted beasts. The second booke. Of the clovenfooted, fourfooted beasts
  13. The first title. Of the clovenfooted that live on the earth. Chapter I. Of the horned beasts in generall that chew the cud
  14. Chapter II. Of the horned beasts, in particular that chew the cud
  15. Chapter III. Of the fourefooted beasts chewing the cud, that have no horns
  16. Chapter IV. Of the foure-footed beasts that chew not the cud
  17. Title II. Of the water-clove-hoofed beasts. Chap. I. Of the hippotame, or river-horse
  18. The naturall history of the fourfooted beasts. The third booke. Of the clovenfooted, fourfooted beasts
  19. The first title. Of the wild beasts with paws that bring their young alive into the world. Chapter I. Of the lyon
  20. Chapter II. Of the libard, or leopard
  21. Chapter III. Of the lynx, or lyzard
  22. Chapter IV. Of the tyger
  23. Chapter V. Of the beare
  24. Chapter VI. Of the wolf
  25. Title II. Of the half wilde toed-beasts. Chapter I. Of the fox
  26. Chap. II. Of the ape
  27. Chapter III. Of the baboon, or bavian
  28. Chapter IV. Of the cynocephalus, (or dogs-head) the papio, and the wild upalim
  29. Chapter V. Of the ignavus, or slug
  30. Chapter VI. Of the badger
  31. Chapter VII. Of the castor, or bever
  32. Chatper VIII. Of the otter
  33. Chapter IX. Of the ichneumon
  34. Chapter X. Of the weesels
  35. Chapter XI. Of the mattern, or pole-cat; and of the zibelline-ferret, or musk-cat
  36. Chapter XII. Of the genetta, and the zibethus, or civet-cat
  37. Chapter XIII. Of the hare
  38. Chapter XIV. Of the cony
  39. Chapter XV. Of the squirrell
  40. Chapter XVI. Of the dormouse
  41. Chap. XVII. Of mice
  42. Chapter XVIII. Of the mole
  43. Chapter XIX. Of the land-hedg-hog, or urchin
  44. Chapter XX. Of the porcupine
  45. Chapter XXI. Of the tatus, or the brasil hedge-hog
  46. Article [Title] III. Of tame foure-footed beasts. Chapter I. Of the dog
  47. Chapter II. Of the cat
  48. The naturall history of the fourfooted beasts. The fourth booke: of the fourfooted creatures that have toes, and spring of an egge
  49. The first title. Of the skined ones. Chapter I. Of the frog
  50. Chapter II. Of lizards
  51. Chapter III. Of the salamander
  52. Chapter IV. Of the stellio
  53. Chapter V. Of the scincus, or land-crocodile
  54. Chapter VI. Of the foure-footed cordylus, and other lyzards
  55. Chapter VII. Of the chamæleon
  56. Chapter VIII. Of the crocodile
  57. The second title. Of the beasts that have toes that come of an egge, and are shelled. Chapter I. Of the tortoyse in generall
  58. Chapter II. Of tortoyses in speciall
  59. An addition. Of certaine outlandish foure-footed creatures of a doubtfull kind. Chapter I. Of the Tlacaxolotl, the cabim, and the sea-seeker
  60. Chapter II. Of the danta, and cappa
  61. Chapter III. Of the howler, the su, and peva
  62. Chapter IV. Of the stinking beast, the graffa, and caoch
  63. An appendix. Peter Castellus of Rome: his discovery of the sweet hyæna, the Dam of the Zibeth, commonly called the civet-cat
  64. Chapter I
  65. Chapter II. Whether the civetta be the ancient pard, or panther, or no
  66. Chapter III. Whether the hyæna was knowen of old
  67. Chapter IV. Under what kinde of beasts the civetta is to be reckoned
  68. Chapter V. Where the hyænaes are bred
  69. Chapter VI. Of the zibeth-vessell, or civet-bag
  70. Chapter VII. Of the beaver
  71. Chapter VIII. What the zibeth is
  72. Chapter IX. Of the collecting, and electing of civet
  73. Chapter X. Of the use, and power of civet
  74. Chapter XI. Of the bones of the civet-cat
  75. [Illustrations of animals]
  76. [Cover]