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Later renaissance architecture in England : a series of examples of the domestic buildings erected subsequent to the Elizabethan period : with introductory and descriptive text

  • 1901
London: B.T. Batsford

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London: B.T. Batsford
Description of Original
2 volumes : illustrations ; 49 cm.
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Available Contents (2 Volumes)

  1. Volume I 1901

    1. [Cover]
    2. [Title Page]
    3. Preface
    4. Topographical list of subjects illustrated
    5. Index to the illustrations and descriptive text
    6. List of subscribers
    7. Introduction
    8. Descriptive and analytical notes
    9. Plate I. Greenwich Hospital. General view
    10. Plate II. Greenwich Hospital. The colonnade
    11. Plate III. Greenwich Hospital. View of main building
    12. Plate IV. Greenwich Hospital. Interior of the chapel
    13. Plate V. Greenwich Hospital. Half west elevation with details
    14. Plate VI. Greenwich Hospital. Half west elevation with details
    15. Plate VII. The Queen's house, Greenwich
    16. Plate VIII. Somerset House. View in the court yard
    17. Plate IX. Somerset House. Water gate
    18. Plate X. Two London doorways. Mark Lane, E.C. [and] Grosvenor Road, S.W.
    19. Plate XI. Two doorways. Laurence Pountney Hill, E.C.
    20. Plate XII. Christ's Hospital. South front
    21. Plate XIII. Christ's Hospital. Part elevation
    22. Plate XIV. New River Water Company's offices. The drawing room
    23. Plate XV. The hall of the Brewer's Company
    24. Plate XV.* The hall of the Brewers Company. The court room
    25. Plate XVI. The Skinners' hall. The drawing room
    26. Plate XVII. The home office. Front facing St. James's Park
    27. Plate XVIII. The horse guards, Whitehall. The west front
    28. Plate XIX. The banqueting hall. Whitehall
    29. Plate XX. The Admiralty, Whitehall. Board room chimney piece [and] A door in Ashburnham House, Westminster
    30. Plate XXI. Ashburnham House, Westminster. The staircase
    31. Plate XXII. Ashburnham House, Westminster. Section of staircase
    32. Plate XXIII. Ashburnham House, Westminster. Cupola over the staircase
    33. Plate XXIV. Eagle House, Mitcham
    34. Plate XXV. House at Eltham. The staircase
    35. Plate XXVI. House at Eltham. Details of the staircase
    36. Plate XXVII. House at Eltham. The drawing room
    37. Plate XXVIII. Chelsea Hotel. Interior of the chapel
    38. Plate XXIX. Houses in Cavendish Square, W.
    39. Plate XXX. Ely House, Dover Street, W. [and] Corner House, South Audley Street, W.
    40. Plate XXXI. Fenton House, Hampshead, Elevation of front and gates in grounds
    41. Plate XXXII. The Bluecoat School, Westminster [and] houses in Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn
    42. Plate XXXIII. Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Clapton, N.E.
    43. Plate XXXIV. Alcove and banqueting hall, Kensington Gardens
    44. Plate XXXV. Boodle's Club, St. James' Street, S.W. [and] the entrance, Kensington Palace
    45. Plate XXXVI. Morden College, Blackheath, Kent. Entrance and portion of court
    46. Plate XXXVII. House on the parade, Arundel, Sussex. [and] Pendell House, Bletchingley, Surrey
    47. Plate XXXVIII. Temple of Aeolus, Kew Gardens
    48. Plate XXXIX. Kew Palace. The south front
    49. Plate XL. Earl of Burlington's villa at Chiswick
    50. Plate XLI. Ham House, Petersham. The entrance front
    51. Plate XLII. Hampton Court Palace. The east front
    52. Plate XLIII. Hampton Court Palace. The river front
    53. Plate XLIV. Hampton Court Palace. Central portion of the river front
    54. Plate XLV. Hampton Court Palace. The fountain court
    55. Plate XLVI. Hampton Court Palace. Colonnade to King's entrance
    56. Plate XLVII. Hampton Court Palace. Fireplace in King William III's bed chamber
    57. Plate XLVIII. A house at Epsom. A chimney piece [and] the corridor
    58. Plate XLIX. Rochester. The guildhall [and] the corn exchange
    59. Plate L. The Guildhall, Rochester. Elevation and details
    60. Plate LI. Groombridge Place. The drawing room
    61. Plate LII. Groombridge Place, Kent. The west front
    62. Plate LIII. Groombridge Place. Elevation
    63. Plate LIV. Groombridge Place. Details of entrance gates and portico, etc.
    64. Plate LV. A. Blue Coat School, Hertford. B. Shop at Lewes
    65. Plate LVI. Swan House, Chichester
    66. Plate LVII. House in West Street, Chichester
    67. Plate LVIII. House in West Street, Chichester. Elevation and details
    68. Plate LIX. House in High Street, Guildford. [and] The town hall, Guildford
    69. Plate LX. The town hall, Guildford. Details
    70. Plate LXI. House in High Street, Guildford. The staircase
    71. Plate LXII. Farnham Castle, Surrey. The chapel
    72. Plate LXIII. Farnham Castle, Surrey. The staircase landing
    73. Plate LXIV. Farnham Castle, Surrey. Staircase and screen in the chapel
    74. Plate LXV. House at Farnham, Surrey
    75. Plate LXVI. The grammar school, Rye, Sussex
    76. Plate LXVII. The Lucas Asylum, Wokingham
    77. Plate LXVIII. Winchester School. The great hall
    78. Plate LXIX. Winchester School. The great hall
    79. Plate LXX. Wolvesey House, Winchester. Parts of north and south fronts
    80. Plate LXX.* Wolvesey House, Winchester
    81. Plate LXXI. House on west side of Close, Salisbury
    82. Plate LXXII. House in the Close, Salisbury
    83. Plate LXXIII. House in the Close, Salisbury. Elevation with details of staircase etc.
    84. Plate LXXIV. House in the Close, Salisbury. Section shewing staircase with details
    85. Plate LXXV. The Moot House, Downton near Salisbury
    86. Plate LXXVI. Amesbury Abbey, Wilts. Entrance front
    87. Plate LXXVII. Wilton House, Wiltshire. The south front
    88. Plate LXXVIII. Wilton House, Wiltshire. The Italian garden
    89. Plate LXXIX. Palladian Bridge, Wilton
    90. Plate LXXX. Palladian Bridge, Wilton. The interior
    91. Plate LXXXI. Part of two houses, Blandford
    92. Plate LXXXII. The town hall, Blandford
    93. Plate LXXXIII. Castle House, Buckingham. [and] Lower Lypiatt House, Gloucestershire
    94. [Cover]
  2. Volume II 1901

    1. [Cover]
    2. [Title Page]
    3. Descriptive and analytical notes
    4. Plate LXXXIV. Honington Hall, Warwickshire
    5. Plate LXXXV. Arbury Priory, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The stable building
    6. Plate LXXXVI. House at Trowbridgem Wilts [and] House at Upper Westwood, Wilts
    7. Plate LXXXVII. Ralph Allen's town house, Bath
    8. Plate LXXXVIII. An entrance gate at Salisbury [and] Gardener's lodge, Widcombe, Bath
    9. Plate LXXXIX. Widcombe, Bath
    10. Plate XC. Prior Park, Bath. The garden front
    11. Plate XCI. Fishing lodge, Beckett, Berks [and] Fish Inn, Broadway, Worcestershire
    12. Plate XCII. Ashdown, Berks
    13. Plate XCIII. The orangery at Bowood, Wilts
    14. Plate XCIV. Mural fountain in the garden at Bowood, Wilts
    15. Plate XCV. The formal garden at Bowood, Wilts
    16. Plate XCVI. House at Speenhamland, Newbury
    17. Plate XCVII. House in High Street, Wallingford
    18. Plate XCVIII. Great Marlow Place, Bucks [and] House at Rainham, Essex
    19. Plate XCIX. House at Highworth, Wilts
    20. Plate C. Coleshill, Berkshire. The entrance front
    21. Plate CI. Coleshill, Berkshire. Interior of saloon
    22. Plate CII. Coleshill, Berkshire. An alcove [and] Gateway at the back entrance
    23. Plate CIII. A pin mill, Stroud
    24. Plate CIV. The Great House, Burford, Oxfordshire
    25. Plate CV. The Great House, Burford, Oxfordshire
    26. Plate CVI. The county hall, Northampton
    27. Plate CVII. Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenilworth. South west front
    28. Plate CVIII. The town hall, Abingdon
    29. Plate CIX. Radcliffe Library, Oxford. The interior
    30. Plate CX. Radcliffe Library, Oxford. Exterior
    31. Plate CXI. Trinity College, Oxford. Interior of the chapel
    32. Plate CXII. Trinity College, Oxford. Detail of screen at west end of the chapel
    33. Plate CXIII. Queen's College, Oxford. The cupola
    34. Plate CXIV. Lincoln College, Oxford. Detail of screen in the chapel
    35. Plate CXV. The Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford
    36. Plate CXVI. S. Edmund's Hall, Oxford
    37. Plate CXVII. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. The entrance
    38. Plate CXVIII. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Details of doorway and balcony
    39. Plate CXIX. Swateley Hall, Uxbridge. The entrance front
    40. Plate CXX. Swateley Hall, Uxbridge. The garden front
    41. Plate CXXI. The town hall, Warwick
    42. Plate CXXII. Tyttenhanger, Herts. The south front
    43. Plate CXXII.* House at Burwash. Door [and] Tyttenhanger, Herts. Entrance, garden front
    44. Plate CXXIII. A house at Hertford
    45. Plate CXXIV. House at Hertford [and] shop at Warwick
    46. Plate CXXV. Balls Park, Hertford
    47. Plate CXXVI. Peterhouse College, Cambridge. Details from the library
    48. Plate CXXVII. Trinity College Library, Cambridge
    49. Plate CXXVIII.Trinity College, Cambridge. The library
    50. Plate CXXIX. Trinity College, Cambridge. Panelling in the chapel
    51. Plate CXXX. Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge. Details of stalls
    52. Plate CXXXI. The University Library, Cambridge
    53. Plate CXXXII. Clare College, Cambridge
    54. Plate CXXXII.* The Senate House, Cambridge
    55. Plate CXXXIII. The Senate House, Cambridge. Details of woodwork
    56. Plate CXXXIV. St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge
    57. Plate CXXXV. Pembroke College Library, Cambridge
    58. Plate CXXXVI. Pembroke College, Cambridge. Organ and gallery in the chapel
    59. Plate CXXXVII. Raynham Hall, Norfolk
    60. Plate CXXXVII.* Raynham Hall, Norfolk. The entrance [and] Drayton Park, Northants. The inner entrance
    61. Plate CXXXVIII. The custom house, King's Lynn
    62. Plate CXXXIX. Houghton, Norfolk. The entrance front
    63. Plate CXL. Thorpe Hall, Grantham. Door and panelling in dining room [and] Houghton, Norfolk. Dining room chimney piece
    64. Plate CXLI. Thorpe Hall, Peterborough. The south front
    65. Plate CXLII. Thorpe Hall, Peterborough. Side entrance to stables [and] The staircase
    66. Plate CXLIII. Thorpe Hall, Peterborough. Ceiling of dining room
    67. Plate CXLIV. Houses near St. George's Church, Stamford
    68. Plate CXLV. Houses at Stamford, Lincolnshire. A. Market place [and] B. St. Mary's Place
    69. Plate CXLVI. Houses at Stamford, Lincolnshire. High Street, St. Martin's [and] Barn Hill
    70. Plate CXLVII. Uffington House, Stamford
    71. Plate CXLVIII. Belton House, Grantham. The entrance front
    72. Plate CXLIX. Belton House, Grantham. The dining room
    73. Plate CL. Belton House, Grantham. Ceiling of the staircase
    74. Plate CLI. Belton House, Grantham. Two chimney pieces
    75. Plate CLII. Belton House. Part of the organ gallery [and] Melton Constable. The ceiling of drawing room
    76. Plate CLIII. Melton Constable, Norfolk. The garden front
    77. Plate CLIV. Melton Constable Hall, Norfolk
    78. Plate CLV. The town hall, Liverpool
    79. Plate CLVI. Croxteth Hall, near Liverpool
    80. Plate CLVII. Moresby Hall, Whitehaven
    81. Plate CLVIII. High Head Castle, Carlisle
    82. Plate CLIX. Seaton Delaval, Northumberland
    83. Plate CLX. Seaton Delaval, Northumberland. North and south fronts
    84. Plate CLXI. Castle Howard, Yorkshire
    85. Plate CLXII. Stoke Hall, Derbyshire. Drawing room chimney pieces
    86. Plate CLXIII. The castle, Nottingham. The east front
    87. Plate CLXIV. The castle, Nottingham. The east front
    88. Plate CLXV. The castle, Nottingham. West front doorway (now a window)
    89. [Cover]