1975 - 2018
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Maij Xyooj ; University of Wisconsin - Madison Libraries. Digital Content Group
English, Hmong, French, Chinese
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Index of Hmong Studies publications from 1975 to 2018, including journal articles, book reviews, reports and conference presentations/proceedings. Each entry in the index has been reviewed for its language composition. Hmong Studies commits itself to studying HMoob subjectivities from a variety of disciplines, collected and collated from a variety of sources. It is acknowledged that the works collated in this index are US-centric due to the use of US-based sources. For a variety of reasons, including scope, nature, and accessibility, non-U.S.-based authors and their respective publications, especially outside of western academia, were not able to be included in this index. HMoob folks who are experts on HMoob ways of knowing and being and are not accepted as a part of western academia are not represented in this index, as they ought to be. As a project that aims to look at the nature of power in Hmong Studies, it is important to openly acknowledge this significant shortcoming.