Maisaku : Mainichi Shinbunsha no dētabēsu

Japanese newspaper database containing Mainichi daily news (June 2008- ), Shūkan Ekonomisuto (October 1989- ), and Mainichi yoron chōsa (the public opinion poll) conducted by Mainichi Shinbunsha (1945- )(1945- ).

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  • Publisher Mainichi shinbun
  • Languages Japanese
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  • Description Access to the online full-text database of 每索 : 每日新聞社のデータベース (also known as Mainichi shinbun (1872 (Meiji 5)- )). The database also includes Mainichi daily news (June 2008- ), Shūkan Ekonomisuto (October 1989- ), Mainichi yoron chōsa, the public opinion poll conducted by Mainichi Shinbunsha (1945- ), and the company history "'Mainichi' no 3-seiki."