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  • Most recent 12 months, generally, for company and industry reports. Financial deals from 2001 are included. The news and commentary archive goes back two years. Historical coverage varies for the consumer markets and country data.
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MarketLine provides original industry, company, market analysis, and country reports and data based on published research and primary and secondary data sources. This growing collection currently includes: 3,500 industry profiles market data on 150 consumer products in over 60 countries 30,000 company profiles 2,500 company SWOT analyses summaries of 50,000 M&A and financial deals 110 country profiles economic and demographic indicators for 215 countries The database allows keyword and Boolean searching of the full-text of the reports, which are in PDF format, as well as the thousands of news and commentary items, which are in text format. The market data and the economic indicators may be downloaded for spreadsheet analyses. Reports may also be found through one of the following "entry points:" Industries, Geographies, Companies, and Databases. Time-series data from Country Statistics and Market Data Analytics may be found under the Databases entry point. [Daily and weekly updates]


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    Company Research and Financial Ratios, International and Country Research, Market and Product Research