960 to 1949
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  • Song Dynasty to Republican era. UW-Madison access limited to "Database of Chinese Local Records I" (part 1)
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中國方志庫 (also known as Database of Chinese Local Records) is produced by the Erudition Corporation, in Beijing. It contains more than 10,000 local gazetteers from the Song Dynasty to the Republican era, 10 million digitized images, and 2 billion words. The series I contains 2,000 titles of local gazetteers. To access: 1. Select Ancient Classics, and click the blue login button. 2. On the second screen, select 大型數據庫 (upper right corner). 3. Under the main work 中國方志庫, click on available sections (indicated in red). 4. Click the blue button 我已阅读 on the Welcome page. To exit: Click X in the upper right hand corner of a text, or 退出. Due to the limited number of users for the database, please log off when done in order to permit others access to the database without delay.