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Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)

Publication Details

  • Time-span 17th-21st centuries
  • Subscription Type SUBSCRIPTION
  • Publisher Harvard University Press
  • Notes
    • American language - 20th century
  • Languages English
  • Resource Types Reference Source, Images and Sound
  • Description The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) is a record of the regional variations of American English. It is different from other dictionaries in that it does not include words that are commonly used throughout the United States, but rather focuses on regional variants. The over 60,000 entries include definitions, alternative spellings/pronunciations, word origins, regional usage, and synonyms from across the country. In addition to searching for specific words and phrases, it is also possible to browse by region. DARE includes pronunciations (with audio of the original field recordings), usage maps, and a bibliography of sources. Its scholarship is based on questionnaires and personal interviews with more than 2700 informants in more than 1000 American communities during 1965-1970. Other primary documents, including letters, diaries, newspapers, and government documents, added to the context of the terms. DARE is a project of UW-Madison and is located in the Department of English. (Not updated)