ca. 85CE to ca. 125CE
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Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford University
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Vindolanda Tablets Online is a database of over 400 letters and documents written in Latin in the later first and earlier second centuries at Vindolanda fort on Hadrian's Wall at what was then the northern frontier of Roman Britain. Written in ink on thin strips of local wood and preserved in anaerobic conditions until they were excavated in the twentieth century, they provide historical information about life in the Roman army in the early empire and linguistic information about the Latin language of the time. Each tablet in the database is displayed in a photograph with links to a transcription of the tablet's Latin text and to a translation of the latter into English. Use the database's Browse option to search the tablets by particular categories, including General subjects (e.g. "Food", "Clothing", "Utensils") and Document type (e.g. "letter" or "list"). (Updates unknown (now static but subject to possible further expansion))