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Victorian Web

Publication Details

  • Time-span 19th Century
  • Subscription Type FREE
  • Publisher George P. Landow
  • Resource Types Images and Sound
  • Description The Victorian Web concentrates on Great Britain in the age of Victoria (1837-1901) and is a multidisciplinary resource for Victorian studies and culture. Included are primary and secondary texts (including scholarly book reviews) in British Victorian economics, literature, philosophy, political and social history, popular entertainment, science, technology, and visual arts (painting, architecture, sculpture, book design and illustration, photography, decorative arts, including ceramics, furniture, jewelry, metalwork, stained glass, and textiles, costume and various movements, such as Art Nouveau, Japonisme, and Arts and Crafts). It also includes extensive links to resources for Victorian authors, as well as to periodicals, book reviews, related WWW links, and a bibliography. (Updates ongoing)