1400 - present; 15th- to 21st centuries
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Institute of European History (Institut für Europäische Geschichte – IEG), Mainz, Germany
  • modern European history
English, German
EGO European History Online is a transcultural history of Europe on the Internet. The project looks at European history as it extends beyond country borders. EGO describes Europe as a constantly changing communicative space which witnessed extremely varied processes of interaction, circulation, overlapping and entanglement, of exchange and transfer, but also confrontation, resistance and demarcation. Subjects include religion, politics, science and law, art and music, economy, technology and the military, and can be organized by time, topic, or geographical area. EGO links academic articles to images, primary sources, statistics, animated and interactive maps, as well as audio and video clips. (Updated periodically throughout the year as project is still in development until 2013; thereafter, articles will be updated every 2 yrs.)