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  • Full text of granted U.S. patents from 1790-present, U.S. patent applications from 2001-present. Coverage also includes full-text of granted patents and patent applications from 16 other patent agencies worldwide (years vary). Select 'Search and read the full text of patents from around the world' at the Google Patents site for more specific coverage information.
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Search the full (OCR) text of all granted patents and published patent applications from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), and patent documents from other countries. Issued US patents are searchable back to 1790 and published patent applications back to 2001. EPO and WIPO applications are searchable from 1978 to the present. Each record includes an abstract, specifications, claims, drawings, references and 'referenced by' notes. Records also provide links to the PDF version, to prior art, other patent databases and various patent classification numbers. (Updates vary)