1862 - 1939 for Europe; -1948 for Soviet Russia
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IYP, the Index to Yiddish Periodicals, is a bibliographical data base using Yiddish, which aims to record the materials published in the Yiddish press in Eastern Europe, from its beginnings (1862) until 1939 (in the Soviet Union: until 1948). At the present IYP comprises approximately 170,000 bibliographic records, covering the following segments of the East European Yiddish Press: 1. All available Yiddish periodicals published in Czarist Russia (1862-1917) of all kinds and frequencies: newspapers, journals, etc. 2. A full run of the major Yiddish daily newspapers published in Warsaw, Haynt and Moment, from their inception until the Holocaust. 3. The major Yiddish periodicals published in interwar Poland in the fields of culture, literature, politics and pedagogy, including a full run of the weekly Literarishe bleter (1924-1939), as well as the two most important weeklies printed in Romania in that period: Arbeter-tsaytun (1921-1931) and Tshernovitser bleter (1929-1937). 4. The major Yiddish literary, cultural and pedagogical periodicals published in Ukraine, Russia and Soviet Russia in the years 1917-1948, including a full run of Eynikayt (1942-1948). This ongoing bibliographical project is carried out under the auspices of the Yiddish Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in cooperation with the Jewish National and University Library. This bibliographical data base includes all signed materials, whether they carry the real name of their author or a pseudonym. It doesn’t register unsigned news or articles, except when these deal with issues related to Yiddish literature and culture. (Updates unknown)