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Early Hebrew Newspapers Project

The Jewish National and University Library, David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project, is pleased to offer access to its Historic Hebrew Newspapers project. ##The aim of this site is to provide open access to images of the major titles of the early Hebrew press (19th and early 20th century). ##The site itself is entirely in Hebrew. ##These newspapers contain a wealth of primary material on Diaspora and Land of Israel history of the period. Access to them has, until now, been limited to a small number of research libraries which held either the crumbling originals or microfilm copies. ##The first stage of the project, now completed, contains: ##-- Halevanon (1863-1886) 770 issues, approx. 7,200 pages. ##-- Hamagid (1856-1903) 2265 issues, approx. 19,500 pages. ##-- Havazelet (1863-1911) 1857 issues, approx. 14,200 pages. ##-- Hazefirah (1862-1931) 8,600 issues, approx. 42,000 pages. ##-- Hameliz (1860-1904) 5,600 issues, approx. 33,000 pages. ##-- Hazevi/Haor/Hashkafa (1884-1914), 2,534 issues, approx. 12,600 pages. ##Each newspaper has indexes by common era date, Jewish calendar date and volume/issue numbers. ## ##Partial author and subject access is provided for Halevanon, Hamagid and Havazelet via an index created by Yad Ben-Zvi and computerized by the University of Haifa in the 1980's. This index has now been upgraded by the JNUL to a web version, and enhanced with links to the fulltext of each article. This index is limited, however, to Eretz Israel topics in these three newspapers. ##Unfortunately there are as yet no comprehensive index to Hazevi, Hazefirah and Hameliz. Indexes appeared with several volumes and these are presented together at the site. ##The runs of these journals are based primarily on the collection of the JNUL, with missing issues filled in with the help of other institutions and private collectors. A few issues are still missing or partial and we welcome the help of other institutions in filling these gap (will expand).


1863 - 1914

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